Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Hunter Tylo Before & After Pictures

There was a rumor about Hunter Tylo who reached her half century age that she have a plastic surgery in order to get a better look. Based on the sources, she had several plastic surgeries such as boob job, nose job (rhinoplasty), facelift, botox injections, lip surgery, fake eyed contact and cheek implants. Doing so, she completely had her face changed.

At the first glance, one would notice her round breast which looks unreal. Her breasts were bigger and rounder than the previous one. Secondly, her face looked tight and her cheeks looked too plumped i.e., overdone with the implants. It looks a bit awkward too.

Third, she might have undergone the nose job and a surgery to get rid of the wrinkles on her forehead. Hunter Tylo’s nose is narrower than before, while her forehead had been injected with Botox in order to clear the wrinkles.

And next comes the lips. She might have undergone the lip surgery which is the worst part of all the surgeries she have undergone. She got the fish lips which looked so plumped. It shows that she had too much filters injected.

Rumors also say that the color-eyed contact is a fake too. So, Hunter Tylo is now a completely different person and a perfect celebrity to be listed in the ‘plastic surgeries gone wrong or overboard’.