Tameka Raymond Reveals Dark Secret

Since the first three episodes Usher’s ex wife has been viewed by audiences as the villain. Her know it all demeanor and shady comments towards her “friends” has not helped her reputation. With all the hate she’s received since being on the show she’s felt so compelled to speak on it through her blog, blaming it all on editing. We’ve heard that one before.

After an altercation between Torrei and Tameka the ladies decided to go to a log cabin in Georgia for a retreat. They speak with Lakara a life coach to find out where the problem started. Tameka felt everyone was coming at her because before they get to know her they are already judging her by the headlines they’ve heard from her divorce. She cites that every time she gets into an argument, like the one with Torrei, someone always brings up gossip or rumors they’ve read about her. But Torrei explains that she had no prejudgments towards Tameka and her angry stems from the sly and shady comments she’s made towards the others and no one checked her on it. Just to get under Tameka’s skin she uses gossip to hurt her.

But the comment that really got under Tameka’s skin was when Torrei told her to “kill herself”. Tameka contemplated suicide after the death of her son Kile Glover. It was an emotional moment but Torrei explains int he midst of the argument she said it with no meaning behind it.