Torrei, DJ Traci Steele Fight With Tameka Raymond

Watching the first two episodes of Atlanta Exes, made me almost itch. Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex, was so judgmental of everyone, yet they all called her their friend. She went in on Christina Johnson, Cee-Lo’s ex, for her “skittle-pox” lipstick and criticized her date Willy for not being fully divorced. She also went in on Monyetta Shaw, Ne-Yo’s ex, for harboring their family pictures in the house, saying it was “shrine-esque”. But her closest friend, who she’s known for years Sheree Buchanan, got it the worst. She talked about her parenting skills after a night out with the ladies that her daughter Destinee was invited too. The jabs and attacks seemed to go over Sheree’s head and she excused them citing her recent divorce and death of her son as a reason for her stress.

But all the digs was starting to get under Torrei’s skin. Torrei was new to the group of friends and had seen Tameka’s comments as nothing friendly. It left a bad impression on her. So of course things went down at a charity event in public with the cameras rolling. Tameka invited the ladies to her Kile Glover foundation fundraising event, which took place at a warehouse. As far as we know, no money was made, since Tameka had been extremely lazy with the planning. Torrei stopped by with her home girl DJ Traci Steele from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

At the event Tameka started doing her thing and took jabs at Torrei, but she wasn’t having it. An argument erupted between the two but Tameka took things over the edge when she called her “ni**afied.” Traci went off and homegirl was ready to rumble. Tameka really is doing the most and it doesn’t look like she will have any friends after this season. Is this why Usher dropped her?