Who is Christina Johnson

5 Things You Need to Know about Christina Johnson | Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Atlanta Exes is set to premiere August 18th and we thought it would be best to give you a little back story on the cast to get caught up on what to expect from this psin off.

1. Net Worth is $4 million according to CelebrityNetWorth.com. This estimate could be from the divorce settlement. Cee Lo and Christina married in 2000 and had their share of domestic disputes before the couple decided to call it quits in 2005. They had one child together before their marriage in 2000 named Kingston. Cee-Lo was also ordered to pay child support for their son as part of the divorce settlement and Johnson also got alimony payments which may or may not have been upped since Cee-Lo joined the Voice. Cee-Lo’s net worth is $22 million and his Voice salary topped $10 million before quitting the reality series in 2014.

2. Christina has 2 older daughters from a previous relationship Kalah and Sierra. Her daughter Sierra helped her become a grandmother with the birth of Sierra’s son. Sierra was 20 years old when she gave birth. Cee-Lo revealed his daughter’s pregnancy during an interview with Chelsea Handler. He joked about the fact that he was only 35 and becoming a grandfather. Sierra Symone appeared on MTV’s Sweet 16 when they threw a big bash for her birthday. The couple spent over $1 million to make it all happen. Then she gets pregnant and has no relationship with the baby daddy, okay!

3. Involved in domestic dispute with Cee-Lo Green. This was kept secret until it was revealed that Christina would appear on Atlanta Exes. Radar Online released the court documents stating that Cee-lo had spent 2 days in jail before being sentenced to 12 months probation. He and Christina got into a heated argument and Cee-lo grabbed a wooden statue and bust the windows out her Jaguar. She called the cops in fear of physical harm. She alter did an interview in 2002 stating how sweet her husband was. But in 2004 she filed for divorce citing mental and physical cruelty.

4. Christina Johnson born Christina Shanta Johnson is still close friends with Cee-lo despite their abusive and unstable history. He makes an appearance on the new series Atlanta Exes. They remain friends and she seeks advice from him on her current dating issues. She claims she’s had trouble with dating due to men trying to over impress her since she’s Cee-Lo’s ex wife.

5. Christina finds love from mystery guy on Atlanta Exes. She gets set up on a date by her friends on the series and apparently things worked out. According to sources Christina is still romantically involved with the mystery guy months after the date was filmed.