Who is Torrei Hart? Torrei Hart Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Torrei Hart Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Birthday: February 28, 1978
Birthplace: North Philadelphia, PA
Children: Heaven Hart, Hendrix Hart
Spouse: Kevin Hart
The five ladies confirmed to be on the upcoming Hollywood Exes spin off, Atlanta Exes, have all been deemed as bitter ex wives and lovers. But these ladies are going to prove they are more than just that. In the upcoming reality series by VH1 Torrei Hart joins the cast and shares who she really is outside the viscous media headlines labeling her as bitter. We’ve all heard the social media confrontations she’s had with Kevin Hart and his new boo Eniko Parrish but there is more to the story. Kevin has given audiences a glimpse inside his marriage to Torrei through his comedy routines. Of course it was taken lightly because of it’s comedic perspective but Torrei has tried to give her side of things through interviews and fans immediately labeled her as a villain. Ironically it was his sense of humor that caught her attention and lead to the beginning of their relationship.

She met Kevin at a community college in Philadelphia. In the cafeteria he was standing on one of the lunch tables with a crowd around him listening to his jokes. He immediately caught her attention. She approached him afterwards and said “You’re really funny, you should be doing comedy.” He replied by letting her know he had booked a show over the weekend and asked her to be his date. They had their first date at the comedy club. He bought her chicken wings and a sprite. They eventually made a pact they would never split up.

They soon moved to Boston Massachusetts together. Kevin did stand up at night while he worked as a shoe salesman to support him and Torrei. It was struggle initially for Kevin as his first gigs got negative responses from audiences who booed him off the stage. He later entered competitions throughout the city growing his fan base and garnering more recognition.

Torrei had put her future on hold and followed him throughout his career. She attended every show and watched him blossom. He also promised her that if she stood by his side he would put her on once his career took off. In 2003 Hart made several movie appearances in Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane and Along Came Polly.

He started his headlining stand up tour in 2009 entitled “Seriously Funny” and 2011 “Laugh At My Pain”. That same year Torrei and Kevin’s relationship dismantled and the two filed for divorce. Torrei explained in a 2013 interview that he had an affair with Enikko Parrish which lead to the divorce.