18 Things To Be Happy About This Friday

Some stuff I loved this week and also stuff I love all the time, because whatever, it’s Friday.

1. Watching hot gingers on the train and taking field notes on their behavior. (Hot gingers, of course, are a rare breed and not often sighted in the wild. Finding one without patchy ginger facial hair or unwieldy ginger eyebrows is particularly uncommon, as this one was, though he was easily frightened away, as they usually are. May that sweet creature find peace.)

2. Listening to podcasts, which is what I normally do on the way to work, because I’m too lazy to do anything but sit, motionless, with headphones in. My favorites: Throwing Shade, The Read, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Invisibilia, This American Life.

3. Kanye West’s “Only One,” which made me cry more than once this week. “Uptown Funk,” which I’m finally willing to admit that I like, after it was it bashed into my skull. “FourFiveSeconds,” which is now my personal anthem.

4. Mark Ronson’s entire beautiful existence, especially everything that’s happening with his hair and face.

5. Hot guys holding adorable animals, the levels of hotness varying depending on the species of animal, of course, puppies contributing to the most hotness, then kittens, then full-grown cats, then full-grown dogs, then bears, then ducklings, then koalas.

6. Calvin Harris’s sudden underwear-model-levels of hotness, which, had he revealed earlier, might have made that 2-hour concert I saw of his far more bearable, knowing that’s what he was packing up on that stage. (He doesn’t really do much on that stage tbh, so this knowledge would’ve helped.)

7. Falling asleep wrapped in a pile of blankets created like a bear’s nest and emerging 10 hours later in a helpless tangle of sleepiness, only to get food from the fridge and drag it back to your blanket lair to feast in darkness.

8. Perfectly-cooked pancakes, with a smooth brown surface to rub hot, melty butter upon. Also, pancakes with powdered sugar dusted over them. I’m convinced powdered sugar does nothing to affect the taste of the pancake, but I refuse to eat one without it nonetheless.

9. Cookies that look soft when I buy them and actually end up being soft when I put them in my mouth, contrary to the dreaded hard cookie that appears soft from afar and then crumbles upon my touch.

10. Blueberry muffins, the queen of all muffins, second perhaps only to the banana nut muffin, and no other.

11. Bookshelves taller than my head.

12. Beyoncé selfies with Blue Ivy, which will one day be preserved in a museum that I will personally fund and curate.

13. The fear that Anna Wintour inspires in people who are lesser than her.

14. North West’s all-around done-with-this-shit attitude, to which I aspire at all times.

15. Lady Gaga’s fiance, who’s a complete and total babe.

16. Drinking hot chocolate full of peppermint schnapps.

17. Drying my body with freshly washed towels that I laundered myself because it feels like I’m literally basking in my own accomplishment. (Doing laundry is one of my only real accomplishments in life.)

18. And, finally: Establishments that play Beyoncé without having to be asked, which, in a perfect world, would be all establishments, but unfortunately we live in a world of sin and despair.