Last Day Life Lessons Anatomy and Physiology

Today during the last day of ASI 533, Anatomy and Physiology, professor Dr. Timothy Rozell shared more than just class material with his students. He shared his voyage through college and the beginning of his adult life. Through this he hoped to help us learn from his journey.

He made a point to say it had always bothered him that his professors throughout college never shared their life lesson stories. He said that if he ever became a professor he vowed to take at least one class time to share his story with his students. Rozell walked us through his college career, in a very entertaining and elaborate way (Those of you who have had classes with him know what I’m talking about.) He was able to relate his college experiences with some of the students who have came to him over the years. Rozell related to every student in the room. He talked about his freshman year and about making the Dean’s list, in a not so good way. During his sophomore year he was able to gather his thoughts a bit more and signed up for a physiology class. Which sparked an interest he would have the rest of his life. “Physiology literally changed my life.” Rozell said. He then brought his grades back up and finished out his undergrad achieving almost a 4.0.

“You don’t have to act educated, you just have to be educated.” – Dr. Timothy Rozell

After his undergraduate career, Rozell decided to get his masters in animal science, then go on to get his PhD at Washington state.

Rozell said he learned two important things college.

Go to class
If he sat there and really listened during class, he didn’t have to study as much.
Rozell left us with some final thoughts…

His first: Write stuff down. Write down your goals and show someone you trust so they can hold you accountable.

His second: Vision. Vision yourself and think about what you will be doing in 5-10 years. Don’t leave any detail out, think about what you will be wearing, where you will be living, what job you will have, what you will have for breakfast. How do you see yourself?

His third: A quote from his favorite person, Winston Churchill, “Success consists of going form failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

“I don’t want to be famous, I want to help students” -Dr. Timothy Rozell