Millennials Have A Lot To Offer…and We Should Listen

Last Wednesday the clever people behind What’s on Tap, a monthly community conversation around topics of interest to the community, held a conversation with millennials about millennials. The big question was: what will make Rochester more attractive for millennials? Turns out, it was the wrong question.

The 50 or so people that packed the pop-up restaurant space at Forager Brewery had a lot to say about Rochester, but it wasn’t what organizers expected.

One after another, millennials in the group said that they really LIKED Rochester, but there isn’t enough pride of place. Why do we keep comparing ourselves to places that aren’t like us? Isn’t it ok to go to the Twin Cities once in a while to see friends or to see a show that isn’t coming to Rochester? What the millennials seemed to want was a voice.

Much has been said by non-millennials about what millennials want. They want transit. They want more art. They want downtown housing. They want bike lanes.

But it turns out they really want a voice and a hand in the decision making happening in the community…just like the rest of us!

Here are a few comments made during the event:

Rochester is so much more than Mayo Clinic
Don’t try to be something we’re not
There are many pieces that make a community
The City shouldn’t get in the way of great ideas
This is OUR community
I couldn’t agree more. We need to get more millennials involved in the process of developing our community. I challenge the Mayor to save several slots on the “Heart of the City” task force for millennials. Doesn’t it make sense to have our future leaders at the table making decisions about our future?

Millennials have a lot to offer…and we should listen.