Elite Brand Consulting For Enterprising Women In Business

The Power Session is unique and customized for clients with a 5 hour program. Go into this consult with questions, and come out refreshed with a new marketing agenda. Get ready to overcome obstacles, produce campaigns, develop website ideas, and prepare for the design projects of your dreams.

Elizabeth Barry improves the image of smart, powerful and strong women by teaching them how to effectively tell their brand story and organize their business.
You’re too close to it! You’re a female entrepreneur and you love what you do, but when you try to market yourself, you spend hours over-thinking what to say or how to express your products and services. What you really need is to have a “check in” moment with your brand. Often described as brand therapy, or brand mentoring, Elizabeth Barry’s Power Session guides brilliant women towards their next level.

Get a Strategic Marketing Overhaul
The Power Session (a.k.a Brand Therapy) is a one-on-one marketing empowerment program created by Elizabeth Barry. This is your unique opportunity to look at your marketing from an objective point of view to build strategies and develop new brand stories. Expect to uncover your truth and discover hidden marketing ideas. You’ll get important questions answered that will take your business to the next level. 95% of Power Session clients return for additional consulting, design projects and campaigns.

The Process
We begin with pre-screener questions, initial analysis and kickoff meeting which takes us into a deep dive discussion and consult of marketing goals. At the end of the session, clients receive a tactical breakdown of new marketing solutions.

A total of 5 hours are spent over the span of a week, including face to face time, consulting and presentation of ideas. A complete marketing analysis filled with ideas of how to get ahead is presented. Sessions are a case by case scenario.


Message/Positioning Statements
Business Organization
Communication Tools

Sounds Great. So what do I get?

Clarify the core of your message
Hone and own your elevator pitch
Feel confident and empowered with new business decisions
Creatively communicate your marketing message
Get a gentle, objective point of view about your website and materials
Understand how to use tools available to you such as email marketing, social media and blogging
Launch profitable campaigns
Encourage positive buzz about who you are and why you’re fabulous

Cool. What happens AFTER the session?

Quote/proposals drawn up based on ideas reached
Additional consulting hours or another Power Session

How much for all of this?

Power Sessions are $895

Please be advised that all Power Sessions are paid in full, up-front.

From aromatherapists to psychotherapists, Pilates instructors to pageant directors… each women gets personalized attention and incredible graphic and web design support. Elizabeth has a unique ability to effectively guide women towards their next level. She creates a personal transformation in each soul that she works with.

Branding Brilliant Women offers elite brand consulting for enterprising women in business.

Elizabeth Barry, President, is a renowned marketing expert. She founded Elizabeth Barry & Associates in 2006 and has grown her strategic marketing firm from an exclusive in the dance market to helping hundreds of entrepreneurs of all types. She specializes in organizing business strategies for first-time launches and redesigning and re-powering the brands of top performing business owners and CEOs.

Elizabeth is deeply rooted within her community. In 2013, she garnered the license to curate TEDxHoboken and TEDxHobokenWomen and branded 19 speakers from across the U.S and Canada to become powerhouses on stage and online.

Elizabeth was named the 2013 Hoboken Woman in Business of the Year, she is a board member of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce and chairs the Women in Business Council. She is responsible for the first time launch to unite all women in business together in Hoboken.

With more than 12 years of brand consulting experience under her belt, she looks to become a marketing mentor for the growing needs of empowered females who desperately need sound advice and kick ass brand imagery.

On a personal note, Elizabeth is well-read, practices yoga and meditation, and simply loves life.

“There’s good and there’s great. Elizabeth Barry is neither. She is beyond fantastic. HIRE HER! If you don’t, you are making a grave mistake.” – Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan & The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

“Beautiful Elizabeth Barry! Thank You! I am always so happy and excited to work with You. You truly are inspiring and motivating. Thank You for being who YOU are. Thank You for sharing YOU with the world. Thank You for being such a powerhouse and force for goodness.” – Molly Dahl

“Elizabeth’s enthusiasm is contagious. She immediately takes a vested interest in your business. With her high energy personality and strategic “train of thought” she ensures continued forward momentum while carefully providing strategic counsel, branding and website advisory.” – Dory Kurowski, My Conscience, My Choice

“Elizabeth’s leadership is exemplary and effective, and her vision is extremely ambitious. She easily gets other people to see things as ‘big’ as she sees them. It’s rare that a woman can do both the ‘big vision’ and the ‘nitty gritty details’ with equal skill- but Elizabeth does. She pushed me to think bigger about the work I present and I’m a better woman because of it.” – CV Harquail