New Manhattan Winery Have Beautiful Views

Liquid Art Winery and Estate will host its first wedding on April 9. Located at 1745 Wildcat Creek Road, the winery will feature a tasting room in addition to holding weddings, according to Danielle Tegtmeier, co-founder of the winery.

The tasting room will open in May and will offer red, white, rose and port wine, as well as different flavors of hard cider on tap, Tegtmeier said. The room will also have a merchandise corner that will have T-shirts and other knick knacks that people can purchase for themselves or as gifts, and once the center is up and going, Tegtmeier and her husband David, co-founder, will offer tours of the vineyard and winery, Tegtmeier said.

The Tegtmeiers work around 100 hours a week at the winery. They have 16 weddings and 2 corporate (events) scheduled for this year, and they also have four weddings for 2017, Tegtmeier said.

“We both have a hard work ethic so we are on the same page that we work until the job gets done,” Danielle Tegtmeier said in an email. “We aren’t sure what weekends are anymore but we have a goal in mind and we aren’t stopping until we reach it!”

Danielle said for normal day-to-day activities, David is in charge of the winery, as he has a degree in enology, which is the chemistry of winemaking, while she is in charge of the tasting room and venue because she has a degree in marketing.

“With such a large project, as it is essentially four businesses in one, communication is key between the both of us,” Danielle said in an email.

Danielle said her and her husband have a lot to offer the Manhattan community.

“We are excited to bring our winery to Manhattan,” Danielle said in an email. “We are incredibly unique and have beautiful views.”