Barclaycard Freedom For B. Credit Holders

Barclaycard Freedom is a reward program provided for B. credit holders to enjoy the advantages of paying their bill  Check out their website for more info, or call 0844-811-9111 to contact them.

Reward Mechanism
The highlight of the program is its reward mechanism.

  • Make And Redeem Reward Money

Unlike reward mechanisms normally used by other charge types of reward points or coupons, B. F. gives Reward Money to customers automatically once customers shop at participating retailers using their account for settlement.
The Compensation Money could be then made use of by customers as part of payment when they shop at selected retailers within the program next time.

  • Offers And Special Promotions

They provide their buyers with routinely-updated offers and special promotions about its participating retailers to enjoy benefits. Clients can only file for their info online to manage their account.

Qualifications for Use

  • Fundamental Requirement

You must be a credit holder. Should you be not, you may utilize one at related link 3 under.

  • Eligible Types of B.

Most customers are qualified for the program, except: Choice Visa, Goldfish Master & Visa, i24 MasterC.

  • The best way to Join

Should you be an existing account holder with an eligible plastic on hand, you are going to be automatically included in their reward program without demand for registering.
Your account will soon be earned each time you pay statement by your account at appointed participating stores within the program.

Additional Information

  • Sum of Compensation Money

Reward Money = 1% * amount of payment using them for most participating retailers, while Shell is the only exception retailer, counted at 0.5% only.

  • Expiration of Compensation Money

There is absolutely no expiration for your account if you continuously use your account. However if you have not used your account for over 2 years, then your Reward Money stayed on account will go out of use.

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