Harrison Ave. Boston Restaurant Drinklist Cooking Tips

Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant “This new shabu-shabu palace is a breath of fresh air in Chinatown” said the Boston Harold. Our long anticipated Grand Opening in Boston is drawing much attention and rave reviews. Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant is recognized as one of Massachusetts’s best spots for Shabu Shabu. Everything is prepared perfectly and beautifully.

At Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant we follow strict standards on service, quality and presentation. We use only the finest ingredients in all of our dishes to deliver exceptionial exotic cuisine. Whether meeting friends and family or for that perfect romatic date, you will be impressed with Kaze’s beautifully appointed dining room and the full service bar.

Our knowlegeable staff is your guide to a fun and creative dining experience. Want to impress someone important with your knowlege of this trendy and chic way of dining? Be sure to check our our “Shabu Shabu 101” section!

If you don’t know what shabu-shabu is, you are in for a treat! Our staff will walk you through this wonderful and healthy way of preparing and sharing food with family and friends. If you like your food fresh, there is no better place to go.

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish prepared nabemono style, It starts with a pot of boiling water used to cook food at the table. Paper-thin slices of marbled beef, chicken, pork, or lamb as well as fresh vegetables are cooked by dipping them into a pot of simmering flavored broth for few seconds. To Japanese ears shabu-shabu is the sound made when one swished the meat in the broth. It is traditionally considered a winter dish but is often eaten year-round.

Step 1: Select a broth base Step 2: Pick a combo Step 3: Cook & enjoy

Shabu-shabu originated in the 13th century as a way for Genghis Khan to efficiently feed his soldiers. In contrast to modern shabu-shabu preparations where each person cooks in their own pot, Khan’s troops originally gathered around a large pot and cooked together.

Thinly sliced meat was used for its short cooking time, which allowed the Mongolian army to conserve its limited supply of fuel. Shabu-shabu was introduced in Japan in the 20th century with the opening of a shabu-shabu restaurant in Osaka. The cuisine rapidly spread throughout Asia and is now a popular dish in Western countries as well.

Cooking Time Guide

*Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your chance of food borne illness

8 to 12 minutes

Turnip & Winter Melon
Tofu & Mushroom
Fish Cake & Dumplings

30 to 90+ Seconds

Leaf Green
Fish Filet
Shell fish & Clams

10 to 30 Seconds



Cocktails Wine & Beer
Sake & Sho Chu
Smoothies & Non – alcoholic

Kaze Special Bowl For One 8.75 For Two 16.95
chambord, Absolut Vodka, Grenadine, Lemon and Orange Juices

Scorpion Bowl For One 9.75 For Two 17.95
Brandy, Rum, Gin, Almond Syrup, Mix juices, topped with Bacardi 151 Rum

Mai Tai 8.75
Light Rum, Dark Rum Orange Curacao, Almond Syrup, tropical fruit juices

Blue Hawaii 8.25
White Rum, Blue Curacao, lemon and orange juices

Bahama Mama 8.75
Malibu Coconut Rum, Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum, White and Dark Rum, tropical

fruit juices

Strawberry Colada 8.25
White Rum, Coconut Cream, pineapple juice, strawberry puree

Pineapple Passion 8.25
Bacardi White Rum, Orange Curacao, Almond Syrup, lemon and pineapple juices

Zombie 8.75
White and Dark Rum, Apricot Brandy, Grenadine, tropical fruit juices

Head Hunter 8.25
Vodka, Coconut Cream, pineapple juice

Margarita 7.95
Tequila, Triple Sec, lemon Juice

Long Island Iced Tea 9.75
Five different liqueurs, lemon juice, Coke

Maruru 8.25
Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Coconut Cream, tropical fruit Juices


Kaze Martini 9.95
The “Perfect” martini, Ketel One Vodka to Bombay Sapphire Gin

Lychee Martini 8.95
Absolut Vodka with Lychee Liqueur

Cosmopolitan 8.95
Absolut Citron Vodka, Cointreau, Lime juice and cranberry juice

Mango Madness 8.95
Captain Morgan’s Mango Rum, pineapple juice, mango puree

Apple Martini 8.75
Premium Vodka, Apple Sour and a dash of Cointreau

Watermelon Martini 8.75
Absolut Citron, Watermelon Schnapps, Cointreau, fresh lime

Raspberry Sextini 8.75
Stoli Razberi, Cointreau, Chambord, Raspberry juice

White Chocolate Martini 8.95
Vanilla Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, White Creme de Cacao

Choya Martini 8.95
Choya Plum Wine, Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Choya Plum


Chardonnay, William Hill, California
Chardonnay, Rodney Strong, Sonoma, California
Chardonnay, Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve, California
Chardonnay, Sonoma Cutrer Russian River Ranches, California

Chardonnay, Woodbridge, California
Pinot Grigio, Woodbridge, California
Pinot Grigio, Lageder “Riff”, Italy
Pinot Grigio, Kris, Italy
Sauvignon Blanc, Echo Bay, New Zealand
Riesling, Frisk Napa, California
White Zinfandel, Beringer, California
Choya Plum Wine

Merlot, Clos du Bois, California
Merlot, Rodney Strong, California
Merlot, Woodbridge, California
Cabernet Sauvignon, Woodbridge, California
Cabernet Sauvignon, Main Street, California
Pinot Noir, Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve, California
Pinot Noir, De Loach Estate, California
Zinfandel, Renwood, California
Malbec Reserve, Kaiken 16.00 Half Bottle


Takara “Mio” Sparkling Sake, Japan 300ml
Sweet Rose, Korbel Champagne, California 187ml
Prosecco Brut, Zonin 187ml
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne, France

Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo 300ml
Hakushika Chokara 300ml
Sake Romance Nigori “Unfiltered” 300ml
Poochi Poochi Sparkling Sake (Serve Chilled) 300ml
Meibo Yowanotsuki (Serve Chilled Only) 500ml
Wakatake Onikoroshi Daiginjo (Serve Chilled Only) 720ml
Otokoyama Sesshu Ginjo (Serve Chilled Only) 720ml

Ozeki Osakaya Chobei Daiginjo (Serve Chilled Only) 300ml
Wakatake Onikoroshi Gingo (Serve Chilled) 12oz
Bunraku Yamahai Junmai (Saitama) 300ml
Silver Gekkeikan Sake 750ml
Haiku Gekkeikan Sake (Serve Chilled Only) 375ml
Nigori Gekkeikan Sake “Unfiltered” 300ml
Sho Chiku Bai “Organic” Nama 300ml
Ozeki Karatamba Honjozo 300ml

Kirin Light 12oz
Sapporo Sliver 22oz
Sapporo 12oz
Heineken 12oz
Pabst Blue Ribbon 16oz

Mix and 2 Fruits together for an additional $1.00

Green Tea
Coconut Cream
Fruit Punches

Diet Coke
Ginger Ale
Fanta Orange Soda
Fuze Iced Tea
Sparkling Water
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Cranberry Juice
Xia Ku Ca Herbal Drink
Mandarin Lemon with Honey
Chrysanthemum with Honey
Fresh Lemon Juice with Honey
Wong Lo Kat
Plum Juice

Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant address: 1 Harrison Ave. Boston