How Much Fish The American Heart Association (AHA) Recommends Eating Per Week?

If you want great health and decreased body fat, get hooked on fish! Research indicates that fish oil can protect against not only heart disease, but also hypertension, cancer, arthritis, asthma, depression and more.  The omega-3 fatty acids (the unique polyunsaturated fat found in fish oil) stop many harmful biochemical reactions that can cause blood to clot (strokes) and the heart to beat irregularly (happens during a heart attack).  Prevention is the name of the game with fish oils and heart disease, rather than just seeking the benefits after the onset of the disease.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends eating about 8-10oz. of oily fish per week, however eating too much fish can also deliver a dose of methyl mercury caused from pollution in the oceans.  Plus, eating fish isn’t an option for vegetarians and some people just aren’t fond of it.  Fish oil capsules are a great way to get your daily dose. Increased intake of omega-3 fish oils are especially crucial for those individuals with certain diseases or risk factors.  The AHA suggests 900 to 1,000 milligrams of EPA plus DHA, and 2,000 to 4,000 milligrams if you have high triglyceride levels.  The evidence suggests that just about all of us could stand to get more omega-3s in our diet.  Fish Oil capsules certainly won’t make up for a greasy diet, but the benefits of Omega-3 supplements are numerous and with very little risk.

I personally use Nature’s EFA by NU-TEK Nutrition.  It’s a very high quality, complete blend of Omega-3, 6 and 9 that support Cardiovascular health, stimulate metabolic function, improved cholesterol values and more.  Don’t be fooled by inferior EFA or Omega-3 supplements that utilize low quality oils that are high in mercury or contain lower grades of oil.  The “cheap” price is usually a dead giveaway.  When it comes to Omega-3s and Fish Oils, you really do get what you pay for!


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