NC Hillsborough Restaurants Reviews Bona Fide Delicious Sandwiches

The sandwich and service were terrific. It is definitely pricey, but the quality and creativity nearly justifies the cost. They make their own sodas and most sounded quite dandy. My only gripe is that the potato salad, though tasty, could have used potatoes that had been more completely cooked. Not really into crunchy potatoes. Otherwise, the roast beef, broccolini and triple-cream brie was excellent. I even would give a shout-out to the seeded roll, which had the usual poppy and sesame seeds, as well as a few fennel seeds. Never a boring bite.

Bona Fide Sandwich Menu

Italian Hero · $ 7 / 13
Salami, Mortadella & NC Cured Ham with provolone, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, arugula, tomato, red onions and Italian herb oil on a toasted Sub Roll

All-American Sub · $ 6.50 / 12
Thinly-sliced Deli Ham & Local Bologna with American cheese, shredded lettuce, red onion, pickles, yellow mustard and Duke’s mayo on our Sub Roll

Torpedo · $7.5 / 14
Turkey with provolone, avocado, shredded lettuce, red onion and torpedo sauce on our Sub Roll

Noble Pig · $ 8 / 15
Local Smoked Pork Loin, crispy Bacon and Deli Ham with Cabot cheddar, green apple slaw, dijon mustard and bacon mayo on a pressed Sub Roll

Brotha’ Love · $ 11
Rare Roast Beef with triple cream brie, garlicky broccolini, red onions, and roasted red pepper mayo on a toasted Seeded Roll

K-Town Reuben · $ 8.50
House Corned Beef with Two Chicks Farm kimchi, spiked russian dressing and swiss on Deli Rye

5 Spice Bahn Mi · $ 7.50 / 14
(Vegetarian) Marinated Portobella Mushrooms with pickled carrots & daikon radish, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, walnut spread and sriracha mayo on a pressed Sub Roll

Werewolves of London · $ 9
A pile of Rare Roast Beef with ale mustard, pickles, arugula, topped with our kicked-up cheddar sauce on a Seeded Roll

Back Porch Turkey Roll · $ 10
Bona Fide Roasted Turkey with havarti, baby kale, honey mustard spread and mild pepper jelly on a Seeded Roll

Drunken Grilled Cheese · $ 9
(Vegetarian) Three cheeses (havarti, our kicked-up cheddar sauce, brie) with caramelized onions on pressed Focaccia bread, served with a sidecar of chunky tomato soup

Mozzafiato · $ 8
(Vegetarian) Garlic-marinated Roma tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, pesto aioli and balsamic vinaigrette on pressed Focaccia bread

Smokin’ Chicken Salad · $ 6.50
Our signature Smoked Chicken Salad on a Seeded Roll

Delicious Salads

Harvest · $ 9
Bona Fide Roasted Turkey with cranberries, granny smith apples, Hillsborough Cheese Co. chèvre and walnuts, over spinach mix with maple walnut vinaigrette

Good ol’ Cobb · $ 10
Smoked Chicken Salad with bacon, bleu cheese, egg, tomatoes, red onion and avocado, over chopped lettuce with our original cobb dressing

Kabouli · $ 6
(Vegan) Shredded kale with chopped walnuts, fuji apples, pomegranate seeds, sumac– marinated onions & lemon caper vinaigrette

Power Bowls
Dragon Dance · $ 9
BF Ancient Grains, pickled Asian slaw, cucumbers, soy marinated egg & crispy wontons, over our field greens blend with Ginger Sesame Dressing

Roadrunner · $ 9
BF Ancient Grains, black beans, sweet corn, avocado, tomatoes & cilantro, over our field greens blend with Creamy Avocado Lime Dressing

Beet It · $ 9
(Vegetarian) BF Ancient Grains, roasted beets, pistachios, citrus, shaved fennel and Hillsborough Cheese Co. feta over our field greens blend with Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Savory Sides
Buffalo Cucumbers · $ 3
Frank’s Red Hot Vin, Bleu Crumbles, Peanut

Macaroni Salad · $ 3
Red Pepper, Celery, Tangy Zip

Bona Fide Slaw · $ 3
Green Apples, Poppy Seeds, Duke’s Mayo

Cuke Salad · $ 3
Tarragon Vinegar, Shaved Red Onion

Dilly Bean Pickles · $ 3
Dill, Basil & Apple Cider Vinegar

Seasonal Pickle · $MKT
We’re always brining or preserving something we found at the market, ask us about our latest trick!

Whookie Pie · $ 3
It’s not a Whoopie Pie. It’s not a Cookie. It’s a sweet & savory Whookie!
Tasty Beverages
Craft on Draft · $
No High-Fructose Corn Syrup here!
Tap 1: Abita Root Beer

Tap 2: Sweet Tea (hey, it’s the South!)

Tap 3: Sparkling Tea of the Day

Tap 4-5-6: Experimental Brews, changes daily

Bottled Dranks · $
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Sodas: Cola, Diet Cola, Creme, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Grape

Larry’s Cold Brew Coffee

Review of Bona Fide Sandwich Co.

“Great food, even better team making it!! ”

I learned of this spot from one of my customers and she raved about how good the food is… well today I found out what the rave was all about!

I had the Mozzafiato (vegetarian) sandwich and the non-mayonaise potato salad (yummy) I have to say it is very good! I can taste all of the ingredients and it has left me wanting more!!!! I’d tell you what was in it but you gotta go visit this quaint spot for yourself or just drool over my pictures!!

“Great sandwich, but WAY too expensive”

The sandwich was great, but I don’t think I’ll be going back. All the sandwiches on the menu are expensive at first glance, but then when I received the sandwich I was doubly surprised because it was so small.

Also there’s nowhere to sit except I think one small bench outside, but that wasn’t a problem for us.

“Excellent, but Expensive”

Flavors are really top-notch. I got the K-town Reuben with Kimchee and a spicy Russian dressing. The Kimchee is very light, and not overpowering, and the Russian Dressing is excellent. My son got the drunken grilled cheese with soup, and it is a very flavorful sandwich with chunky tomato soup. We also got the draft root beer for $2 which was excellent.

My only issue is that for a $9 take-out sandwich (which is the average price of a sandwich here), it needs to be bigger or give me a side of something or a drink. It was just the size of a “regular sandwich” with a usual amount of meat. I understand that this place is using fresh ingredients, and that is driving his cost up more than the other places, but $9 for an a la cart sandwich is too much.

There is absolutely no seating. He has one park bench outside. There are more park benches near the courthouse, but no tables.

Total cost for 2 sandwiches and 2 drinks was $24.

“Sandwiches to be proud of”

A small shop with only an outdoor bench for seating, Bona Fide prepares take-out or delivery of finely prepared sandwiches on very good bread. The chef uses finest locally-sourced meats and vegetables and cheese. Also vegetarian protein “power bowls” and salads, sides, beer, bottled drinks, and dessert of Whookie Pie.