Supermom Breakfast Tips

The average family morning routine is something most parents would probably explain as chaotic at best. A big part of that routine is getting breakfast ready, further compounded by actually getting kids to ‘eat’ it. The crucial thing is getting essential nutrients and energy for your kids to begin their day. While at the same time avoiding taking up way too much valuable time to prepare it.

Studies have shown that children are mentally sharper when they’ve eaten something, and brain cells need a consistent supply of carbohydrates to function optimally. A big mistake is keeping things around the house as “breakfast items” on a regular basis that are more like candy bars and cookies. For example, Pop Tarts! You are feeding your child processed sugar, or “crap”. The goal is to keep your child’s blood sugar level from dropping and therefore holding off hunger while supplying a steady flow of energy. So, what are some healthy choices we can offer our kids on a morning when time is of the essence?

Breakfast Options in a Jiffy-Granola or Kashi Cereal. Loaded with fiber from whole grains, these cereals are a great source of energy in the form of carbohydrates and my son loves them. Keep sugar low and fiber high and your child will thank you later. Ziploc bag and you’re out the door. Cup of lowfat/nonfat milk and you have a high quality protein source for a balanced meal.

  • Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisan Toast or Whole Wheat bagel with natural peanut butter. (My Son’s personal favorite.) Has a great taste, while offering several crucial nutrients.
  • Oat bran muffin. With more fiber and less fat than a typical sugar-laden breakfast muffin, oat bran muffins also provide surprising amounts of potassium and magnesium. Even better are homemade Oat bran muffins. Easy to bake on weekends and can be very popular around the house.
  • Fruit. Apples and Berries are high in fiber and easy to eat on the run. Bananas are a great source of potassium, a mineral that kids lose during physical activity. The valuable anitoxidants, vitamins and minerals provided by our favorite fruits cannot be underestimated. I always try to include some fruit in my Son’s breakfasts.
  • And don’t forget my favorite morning boost! 1 Scoop of Nature’s Fruits, 1 Scoop of Nature’s Greens, 1 Scoop of Nature’s Fuel (Wild Berry). This is a great “natural” energy boost loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants! Mix with 8-12 oz of cold water. Enjoy!

There are a couple mornings where my husband has to get our son ready for the day, since I’m off to work early. If I don’t have some of these items in the cupboards, a solid “Mom-approved” breakfast simply won’t happen. One quick tip, make a list of the breakfast items available if you’re not at home to provide viable options that are readily accessible to your significant other. Let’s face it, as parents we are pulled in a million different directions and it is so important to communicate and work as a team to ensure that our children’s nutritional needs are met.

Remember we are examples too! Our Kids are much more likely to do as we do not as we say. Make nutritionally sound choices and your children will too.
Thanks for being apart of my journey and letting me be apart of yours!