Thanksgiving Sides in a Slow Cooker

The air is crisp. The leaves blaze in the fall sunlight. The Christmas decorations have been up at your favorite stores for a month…

WAIT! Slow your roll, wouldja??

Last time I checked, we celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas! In our house, Christmas doesn’t begin until the Thanksgiving dishes are done and our Elf has made his first appearance of the year.

So, you’ll just have to wait for posts like that on this here little blog!

This year for Thanksgiving, we are super excited to have some of our best friends moving super duper close to us, but for them, it means their Turkey day is filled with boxes and electrical work at the new house. It was only natural to invite them, and one set of their parents, to our family Thanksgiving dinner! I am beyond thrilled to have a big ol’ crowd to serve, but I’m a little less thrilled with the thought of being stuck in the kitchen, going all crazypants in the moments before food hits the table! In addition to my mental state at risk, my itty bitty oven barely holds a full-sized cookie sheet, let alone a turkey and all the fixin’s!

It’s time to break out the slow cookers!

I love a good classic Thanksgiving dinner, so my menu is simple:

Turkey and Gravy
Steamed Green Beans
Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes in a Slow Cooker
Cranberry Sauce
Stuffing in a Slow Cooker
Mac n’ Cheese (Recipe from Pip & Ebby)
Dinner Rolls
Spiced Cider (Rum optional)
Apple and Pumpkin Pies
My mom has graciously offered to bring the main dish, and my guests are bringing rolls and pie.

A Thanksgiving Dinner that I can truly relax and enjoy with some of my nearest a dearest? Now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

Are you breaking out your slow cooker this year for your holiday celebrations?