The First Paleo Restaurants In The Whole World

Sauvage restaurants are the first Paleo restaurants in the whole world. The original Sauvage opened her doors in May 2011 and started a food revolution supported by a global movement. After two years of hard work and innovation, our small and cozy restaurant with great ambitions has an elegant new sister in Prenzlauer Berg where we continue to explore the possibilities of delicious cuisine and perfect nutrition. On both locations we cook completely Paleo: free of grains, gluten, refined sugar, dairy or vegetable oils. All natural. Like humans did for millions of years.


Adjusting your eating habits to Paleo principles means actually feeding your body as nature intended resulting in immediate, noticeable health-benefits. The unprocessed and/or raw ingredients abundant in Paleo Cuisine not only taste amazing but also have high nutritional value.

Sauvage’s menu emerged from personal experience and experimentation with the principals of the Paleo diet. Here are some of the results we experienced after only a couple of weeks eating Paleo:

More energy and steady energy levels throughout the whole day, everyday
Natural healing and detoxification
Improved body composition: enhanced fat burning and improved muscle growth
Clearer skin, softer hair and healthy teeth
Stronger immune systems
Higher sex drive
Mental balance and general well being

ISBN-10: 3865287832
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Healthy loss weight, from my own experience, clear and easy to understand and explains it in over 130 recipes in his restaurant “sauvage” already a thousand times were tested.

The paleo principle offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the paleo diet and is still challenging recipes for connoisseurs.

Paleo – what is that anyway? prehistoric ancestors based on the eating habits and findings from the evolutions wissenschaft with elements of modern kitchen. paleo is the most efficient and natural way to fit, healthy and lean to. after 4 weeks, the magic point, and you see and feel results, such as fewer allergies, skin cleaner, softer hair and healthy teeth, a stronger immune system, mental balance and general well-being, more energy and higher performance, increased sexual drive and natural muscles.


Sauvage can bring its Paleo delights to your event or home, astonishing your guests with a healthy and dynamic taste experience! We provide event catering for up to 200 people but are also happy to come to your home and cook an intimate meal for you and your guests.

Private Dining
Organize your private event at Sauvage. We will host your all-evening dinner experience at the restaurant for groups from 12 – 65. Reservations need to be made at least one month in advance. Inquire about our menu prices and rental costs fill out form on the right.

Paleo Courses
Discover the secrets of Paleo cooking with the Sauvage founders and autors of “Das Paleo Prinzip” Boris and Rodrigo Leite Poço. We offer Seminars and Workshops on 6 different themes.

At the moment we are searching for a new location to host our courses. Until we found a fitting spot we are not offering any classes.

1. Paleo for weight loss and body recomposition

The human metabolims has evolved according to a specific nutritional and physical movement plan, wich is easily adopted in our modern lives. Learn how an ancestral nutrition plan can restore your natural body recomposition and make an end to fruitless dieting.

2 day seminar and cookery course.

180 € inclusive course material and 2 meals

2. Paleo basics: the theory behind paleo nutrition.

How is ancestral nutrition relevant to modern people? What food even qualifies as Paleo? Despite growing popularity, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding Paleo. Sauvage founder and Autor of „Das Paleo Prinzip“ Boris Leite-Poço separates fact from fiction and gets you started on the path to Paleo in this introductory seminar.

Theorethical Seminar, Meal and drinks Incl. 85 € p. P.

3. Paleo baking (grain and gluten free baking)

paleo does not necesarry mean you can’t eat bread, but baking without grains is an art. The vegetable protein Gluten is what causes dough to be light and fluffy. When baking without grains the question how to replace wheat rises. Can we simply use nut flours? And how can we sweeten a paleo cake in a healthy way? Sauvage´s cooks teach you how to bake paleo easily and efficient.

Cookery course. Tasting and Recipes included. 90€ p. P.

4. Every day paleo: Easy and cheap paleo cooking

How do you integrate Paleo eating with your everyday life? How do you convince your whole family to eat Paleo? The Sauvage cooks show you the ropes of quick and simple Paleo cooking.

In this course you learn:

– How to cook the cheap meat cuts. Organs!

– How to use the best from the season.

– Child friendly Paleo recipes. They’ll never notice the difference.

Cookery course. Tasting and Recipes included. 90€ p. P.

5. Paleo on the Go

paleo can be very tricky when you travel a lot or spend the day at the office. Learn how to make full nutritious meals which can easily be taken with you.

Cookery course. Meal and Recipes included. 90€ p. P.

6 Fermentation / Fermentieren

There are 10 times as many bacteria cells in your body than human cells. Which are good and which are unhealthy? How can you support a healthy microbiome through good nutrition? Sauvage fermentation expert Rodrigo Leite-Poço guides you through the world of ancient organisms and the oldest cooking methods in human history: fermentation.

Tasting Included

Preis: 90€ Tasting and Recipes included. Verkostung und Rezepte inkl.