Trench Mouth: Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

What is Trench Mouth?

It is a severe kind of gingivitis that manifest infected, bleeding, painful and ulceration of a patient’s gums. It is a rare kind of disease condition. It was called trench mouth because before the common reported patients were soldiers during World War I. These soldiers who found themselves tuck in “trenches” for a long duration. It occurred due to the fact that the soldiers were not able to practice the right hygiene with regards to their dental hygienic practice. This kind of disease is also called as Vincent’s Stomatitis or ANUG which stands for acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis.

Trench Mouth Symptoms & Signs

When a person is diagnosed with having trench mouth, which is considered an austere oral disease, he or she will manifest the following symptoms:

  1. Bad Breath
  2. Foul taste in mouth
  3. Redden and swollen gums
  4. Painful gums
  5. Profuse gum bleeding
  6. Grayish film found on gums
  7. Crater like ulcers in between teeth
  8. Swollen lymph node around their neck, head or jaw
  9. Fever

These signs and symptoms occur suddenly. When these symptoms begin it is advised that you see your trusted dentist at once.

Trench Mouth Causes

According to studies, the causative agents of people having trench mouth are group under bacteria. Normally, bacteria lodges in the human mouth. However, if a person practices a good dental hygiene, the bacteria in the mouth is kept under control. Yet with people diagnosed of having this kind of condition, the mouth having bacteria is not kept under control. Less, it is kept multiplying and will lack of good dental practices, the bacteria will attack the patient’s teeth and gums which will then lead to plaque accumulation. Upon viewing, the patient’s gum has been infected and swollen which will result to painful ulcers along the gum line and in the mouth of the patient.

Actually, before the patient will have this kind of diagnosis, the patient will have gingivitis first. If the gingivitis is not controlled, it will proceed to having a trench mouth, which is a far worst diagnosis.

Trench Mouth Diagnosis

The dentist has the authority to diagnose you as having this kind of severe oral disease called Trench Mouth. In diagnosing the said condition, the dentist will do the following:

  1. Examine one’s teeth and gums
  2. Dental X-rays to see if bone loss have occurred due to infection
  3. Blood Test to determine if one is HIV positive
  4. Throat swab culture to know the causative agent

Trench Mouth Treatment

If you have been diagnosed or know a friend who has trench mouth, you can lay your worries behind. This severe oral disease called trench mouth disease can actually be treated. In treating this disease condition, the goal is to relieve the symptoms and cure the infection. The treatment will focus on


Antibiotics are often prescribed since the disease itself is cause by bacteria. Aside from that pain relievers, which may either be in oral form or in topical form, may also be good for you to relieve the pain that is associated with this disease condition. Also, when pain is minimized or relieved for that matter, you can be able to eat well and resume you oral hygiene practices.

Oral Hygiene

It is necessary that you do oral hygiene through gentle cleansing of gums and teeth. A visit from your dentist may do wonders as he or she will debride or remove necrotized gums in order to reduce the pain. Also, you will undergo rinsing of the mouth with the use of an antiseptic solution. When you reach a point when your gums becomes less tender, you will go through a process of root planning and scaling, which are types of tooth cleansing. After that, you are advised to gargle with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, prescribed mouth rinse or salt water. Then, you can brush gently with the use of a soft toothbrush. With continuous action, your gums will heal and you are advised to continue the said routine of maintaining a good oral hygienic practice to prevent the disease from recurring.

Surgery as the Last Option

Surgery is often the last option. However, there are fewer cases reported with person who have trench mouth disease that underwent any surgical procedures. When one goes through surgery it is because there is a need to repair the gums, mandibular bone or teeth in case of extensive and evident damage.

Home Remedies for Trench Mouth

If you are in short budget and can’t seem to squeeze out your day in visiting your dentist, you might as well try some effective home remedies such as:

Baking Soda

You use this to brush and clean your teeth and mouth. It has been a long practice to use this kind of home remedy even before the coming of toothpaste. This has fungal and natural fighting properties which is good for trench mouth disease.

Chamomile Tea and Clay Sage

Combining the two will help in relieving the symptoms. It is effectively used as a mouth rinse. The results will be seen in a day.
Aside from the ones that are mentioned above, you can also take effective measures to cope up with the treatment, some of these measures include:

  1. Avoid spicy food. It may lead to worsening of your pain and inflammation of your gums.
  2. Stay hydrated. It will help your body recuperate. You can either choose to drink cold or warm temperate fluids.
  3. Avoid consumption of beverages that are high in alcohol or carbonated beverages. This kind of drinks will cause worsening of pain and your over all condition.
  4. Take the medications as prescribed for you by your trusted dentist.
  5. Avoid smoking. Smoking will only constrict your veins and hence create further more problems.
  6. Making sure that you do keep up with the dental appointments. You need to be partners with your trusted dentist in order for the assurance of wellness and prevention of recurrence of the disease.

Trench Mouth PicturesTrench Mouth Pictures