Can Essential Oils Repair Extremely Chapped Lips?

Essential Oils buzz has been in my ears for quite some time, but to be honest, I wasn’t into them because I wasn’t sure their cost was worth the risk. Now that we have additional income, and recent health concerns that we’d rather not go the pharmaceutical route for, I found myself more intrigued. As the kind of gal that would rather take a nap than take a Tylenol for a headache, it’s surprising to me that it took me so long to explore Essential Oils!

Our family has a number of health issues, ranging from very bad seasonal allergies, to bug bites, which seem to afflict our house for the colder months. At my wits end, I Googled a recipe for dust mite Essential Oil spray. I spray the beds every couple of days and let air dry, and wash the sheets once a week. It would appear that the outbreak is WAY better when I use the spray. Plus, it smells like heaven.

But for the purposes of this post, I needed something measurable: so I picked Middle’s poor chapped lips. Nearly all winter, her lips are cracked, peeling, and dry. We’ve slathered Carmex and petroleum jelly on constantly but it’s a losing battle. She picks at them, and they bleed. Then she smiles, and she cries. The cycle has got to stop.

I read about Essential Oils helping cracked lips. I have a bottle of Lavender that I’ve had for God knows how long, so I just dabbed some on her one day.

“MOMMY!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!”

Ummmmm…. not exactly a shining first foray into EOs!

We gently wiped her hurting lips and smeared petroleum jelly on while we pondered how to help her. I was given a sample of doTERRA Lavender EO, so I wondered if the burning had to do with the quality of the oil I used. This second time, I diluted the doTERRA Lavender EO with a small bit of coconut oil and watched as it melted in to her lips, holding my breath to see if she’s scream again.


40-minutes later, her lips had already started to look better! 36 hours later, they were very obviously (to this worried Mommy, at least) on the road to recovery!

Pretty cool, right??

A reader asked me if I thought it might have been the moisturizing properties of the coconut oil, and to be very honest, it could have been. The next time (because there will be a next time), I will only use the coconut oil and see if the results are the same and as quick.

Additionally, I have decided to order the Family Physician’s Kit from doTERRA and the Lifelong Vitality Pack of vitamins. I am also using the ClaryCalm blend to help treat my cyclical depression and anxiety. I will be sure to report back after a month of taking the vitamins.

If you are interested in trying Essential Oils, you can check out my doTERRA site. I’m not going to be doing a bunch of selling, but if you were interested, I’d love to help you out.

Part 2

We use Young Living which is the same like literally 6 big wigs left YL and started doTerra. But I know for a fact the Lavender does heal. Danny had bad excema and I tried everything including coconut oil for a month at a time but nothing worked. I was at my wits end, and my poor boy was itchy and bleeding all over. I made a lotion for him with YL lavender essential oil and coconut oil. I used it on him daily after his bath for a week and by Friday Danny didn’t have any more bleeding sores, no more itching, and now I just have to oil him up once a week and we have kept him excema away since November!

I have also cured migraines, helped kill the flu that was in my house and have started to toss out all my household cleaners and use thieves (on guard) cleaner.