Gynecology Quality Medical Care At Bethpage OB/GYN

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All problems of the female reproductive system, bladder and rectum are covered under the science of gynecology. To stay in good health, we believe in regular annual and semi-annual visits. If during such visits, health problems not related to gynecology are detected, we will help you in locating the proper specialist. Gynecological patients are encouraged to choose their personal doctor who will follow them over the coming years.

The comforts you desire. . . right here in our office. . . .

For minor procedures, we offer surgery right in the comfort of our office. Our recently renovated procedure room is well equipped with your safety and comfort our priority.

For patients with abnormal pap smears, we perform colposcopy and cervical biopsy and for those with advanced lesions of the cervix, we have an electro-surgical generator which allows us to removal any abnormal surface tissue of the cervix using a wire loop known as a LEEP procedure.

We perform office hysteroscopy (endoscopy of the uterus) and endometrial sampling under local anesthesia for women with abnormal uterine bleeding. This procedure replaces the old fashioned D&C. In addition, we perform suction curettage of the uterus to remove retained fragments of failed pregnancy tissue.

If you ever need surgery, and we sincerely hope that you do not. . . .

You will find us competent, compassionate and completely dedicated to your full recovery.

It is generally recognized that surgery of the female reproductive systems is best performed by gynecologists. The doctors in our practice are highly trained to perform these delicate and sometimes life saving operations.

Procedures include the traditional abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy, as well as laparoscopic and laser surgery. Minimally invasive surgery allows for better comfort and shorter hospital stays. Endometrial ablation, an alternative to hysterectomy, can also be performed for patients with irregular menstrual bleeding or uterine bleeding after menopause. Before any surgery is performed, your doctor will spend time explaining why surgery is necessary, the method, possible alternatives and any potential complications.


Having a baby should be natural, but for many couples, it requires medical intervention. If a couple is trying to become pregnant for more than 12 months without success, they should seek medical advise for infertility.

At Bethpage OB/GYN, we investigate the cause of infertility in women. We study the menstrual cycle for signs of ovulation. We will conduct tests to find out if the cervical mucous will accept the sperm at the right time and also investigate if a woman’s fallopian tubes are open. These tubes conduct the sperm to the egg and then the fertilized egg back to the uterus.

Once we know the problems, we develop a plan to work with you and your spouse to solve the problems and bring about optimal conditions for attaining a pregnancy. When needed we refer you to a specialist or to an invitro clinic, but most of the time we can help you right here in our office.

You will find our staff caring, supportive and very committed to helping you reach your ultimate goal – PARENTHOOD.