The Leapfrog Group Standards

The Leapfrog Group is a leading force to promote hospital quality and safety. It includes 170 of the largest public and private healthcare purchasers that provide more than $67 billion of medical coverage to more than 36 million Americans every year.
The Leapfrog Group was launched in 2000 by the Business Roundtable in response to the Institute of Medicine’s report on medical errors. Leapfrog’s recommended hospital quality and safety practices, which are endorsed by the National Quality Forum include:

Use of computerized prescription systems (computer physician order entry)
Selecting hospitals with the best results or extensive experience for select high-risk conditions and procedures (evidence-based hospital referral)
Staffing Intensive Care Units with trained specialists (ICU physician staffing)
The 27 other patient safety practices arrived at by national consensus (National Quality Forum endorsed Safe Practices for Better Health Care)
UnitedHealthcare is a member of The Leapfrog Group and, like the other members, has agreed to subscribe to certain principles when purchasing care. This includes recognizing hospitals for advances in patient safety and educating employees about their efforts.

To assist consumers in seeking the best possible, and safest, health care for themselves and their families, we include Leapfrog reporting (or lack thereof) in our consumer-directedinformation and care-facilitation programs. The Leapfrog Hospital Comparison Tool is available at and on (registration required).

UnitedHealthcare participates in the Leapfrog Group’s Regional Roll-Outs groups throughout the country. These groups, usually led by a Leapfrog employer member, involve local hospitals, health plans, employers, physicians, unions and consumer groups in implementing the Leapfrog action plan.

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To learn more about UnitedHealthcare’s involvement with The Leapfrog Group, please contact Kathy Barfoot, National Manager of Accreditation/Patient Safety, at (336) 922-2136.