UnitedHealthcare News 2007-2008

UnitedHealthcare News

(03/26/2008) Read about recent enhancements to UnitedHealthcareOnline.com
(03/26/2008) Introducing OptumHealth Financial Services
(03/21/2008) View Somatuline Depot (lanreotide) Injection Coding Information
(03/19/2008) Merck Announces Vaccine Price Increase
(03/18/2008) Revised UnitedHealthcare Request for Reconsideration Form Under Development
(03/14/2008) UnitedHealth Group Supports Southern Nevada Residents During Hepatitis C Investigation
(03/10/2008) ——- Learn about enhancements to UnitedHealthcareOnline.com (February 22, 2008 release)
(03/07/2008) Learn more about recent enhancements to UnitedHealthcareOnline.com
(03/04/2008) Earn free CME credit on a variety of topics at OptumHealthEducation.com
(03/03/2008) UnitedHealth Group Acquires Sierra Health Services
(02/29/2008) Attention Epocrates Users: UnitedHealthcare Retains Epocrates for PDL Hosting
(02/27/2008) Preventive Medicine Reimbursement Policy Update
(02/07/2008) Updated CPT Code Crosswalk Table for Radiology Notification Program Effective Feb. 15
(02/07/2008) Resolved: Claim Issue Causing Inappropriate Denials for Non-Notification
(02/07/2008) Check out tips for getting the most from UnitedHealthcareOnline.com
(01/31/2008) Imaging Accreditation Program Implementation Date Extended
(01/29/2008) UnitedHealthcare Acquires Fiserv Health
(01/17/2008) Issue Causing Inappropriate Claim Denials Being Resolved
(01/14/2008) UnitedHealthcare and athenahealth Expand Availability of Real-Time Claim Adjudication
(01/10/2008) Clarification on Admission Notification for Hospitals and Facilities
(01/07/2008) Clarification on Physician Advance Notification
(01/03/2008) UnitedHealthcare Online Release Notes
(12/20/2007) UnitedHealthcareOnline.com available intermittently December 8-9
(12/19/2007) UnitedHealthcare and Advocate Health Care have reached a new long term agreement, effective December 1, 2007
(12/19/2007) UnitedHealth Premium physician designation program reminder for CT, NJ and NY
(12/06/2007) Refer Patients to the UnitedHealthcare Heart Failure Program
(11/29/2007) UnitedHealthcare Online experiencing tax ID technical issue
(11/26/2007) New Guide Helps Cancer Patients and Caregivers in Tampa, FL, and Columbus, OH
(11/21/2007) UnitedHealthcare Online Release Notice on Ovations, Evercare plans, October 1, 2007
(11/19/2007) Study: UnitedHealthcare most accepted health plan by physician offices
(11/15/2007) UnitedHealthcare Signs Agreement to Acquire Fiserv Health
(11/13/2007) ———- Computer-aided Detection (CAD) for Mammography Implementation Postponed
(11/06/2007) Update on Enhanced Preventive Medicine and Screening Policy
(11/02/2007) Counseling help line available for people coping with Southern California wildfires
(10/29/2007) UnitedHealthcare and Swedish Reach Long-Term Agreement
(10/29/2007) Remediation Efforts Underway for Herceptin, Neulasta and Chemo Add-on Codes
(10/24/2007) Check out tips for getting the most out of UnitedHealthcare Online
(10/16/2007) New Online Claim Estimator Provides Coverage, Cost and Payment Information in Seconds
(10/12/2007) SecureHorizons MedicareComplete Plans chosen to carry the AARP name
(10/09/2007) Groundbreaking agreement reached with National Association of Insurance Commissioners
(10/02/2007) CPT Code Crosswalk Table Implemented for Radiology Notification Program (published 9/25/2007)
(10/02/2007) UnitedHealthcare Medical ID Card Swipe via MasterCard¨ Terminal Discontinued
(09/27/2007) Open Forum for Radiology Notification Program – Updated August 15, 2007
(09/25/2007) Radiology Notification Program Claim Update
(09/20/2007) Oncology Therapeutic Networks (OTN)
(09/20/2007) Enhancement to the UnitedHealth Premium¨ Hospital Comparison Program
(09/12/2007) Notification of CMS-Mandated Hospital Discharge Appeal Rights
(08/31/2007) Choice Plus Network Access for State of Connecticut Oxford Plan Members
(08/27/2007) Primary Care Physician and Specialist Coding Issue – Update
(08/27/2007) Herceptin Pathology Report Submission Fax Number Effective June 11, 2007
(08/15/2007) UnitedHealthcare Online updates and enhancements for May (Correction)
(08/15/2007) Mammography Coding Issue
(07/27/2007) Incorrect Submission of National Provider Identifier on CMS 1500 – Resulting in Manual Claim Review
(07/27/2007) HIPAA 835 Errors, Invalid Data in NPI Field on Paper 1500 HICF Claims
(07/26/2007) Medical ID cards to be Reissued for UnitedHealthcare Optimum Choice Members