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SecureHorizons® by UnitedHealthcare is a health care enterprise that focuses exclusively on Medicare.

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Address Change for Some Evercare and SecureHorizons Claims and Correspondence
Coding Resources
Private Fee for Service (PFFS) Plans – SecureHorizons MedicareDirect
SecureHorizons 2008 Provider Education Kit

Evercare® offers special needs Medicare Advantage plans that provide full Medicare health care coverage and prescription drugs, as well as additional benefits and services for people who have long-term or advanced illness, are older, or have disabilities.

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Program

UnitedHealthcare wants to help you better understand the Medicare Part D program and obtain the information you need to answer patient questions. When asked for information and guidance on Medicare Part D, you may refer them to the helpful tools listed below.

Medicare Rx InfoSource
Find facts and resources on Medicare Part D, and sign up to receive updates.
This convenient resource helps you provide Part D guidance to your patients, their adult children and caregivers.
Show-Me Guide
This guide helps patients learn more about Part D and is available in seven languages at www.partdcentral.com.