UnitedHealthcareOnline Clinical Profiles

UnitedHealthcareOnline Clinical Profile uses medical and pharmacy claims data to provide participating physicians with clinically important information about their current practice patterns in comparison to nationally accepted best practices in medicine. Target conditions have been carefully selected to represent clinically important issues for which there is broad treatment consensus, direct physician involvement, and for which sufficient information can be obtained from claims to adequately measure treatment. Personalized reports are sent to physicians to provide them with clinical information, identify patients who may not have received the recommended therapy, and provide a means for physicians to compare their individual performances with those of their peers. Overall, the Clinical Profile program is designed to allow a physician to improve patient care. Through the Clinical Profiles, UnitedHealthcare is delivering to its network of physicians, up-to-date, clinically accepted treatments, which in turn, should lead to better quality care for UnitedHealthcare’s members.