UnitedHealthcareOnline Financial Rewards

UnitedHealth Practice RewardsSM
UnitedHealthcare recognizes the importance of aligning financial incentives and rewards for demonstrated performance in clinical practices against quality and efficiency criteria. UnitedHealth Practice Rewards builds on the UnitedHealth PremiumSM Designation Program by rewarding physicians and medical groups who receive the UnitedHealth Premium designation and who meet the additional criteria for UnitedHealth Practice Rewards.

Under UnitedHealth Practice Rewards, physicians who meet the criteria will receive enhanced fee schedules. UnitedHealth Practice Rewards is not a bonus program, but rather an innovate approach to increase reimbursement on a go-forward basis.

Solo practitioners who have met the UnitedHealth Premium Quality and Efficiency criteria are eligible for assessment for UnitedHealth Practice Rewards. Medical Groups are also eligible for assessment as long as one or more of the group’s physicians have met the Quality and Efficiency criteria for UnitedHealth Premium.

UnitedHealth Practice Rewards takes performance measurement one step further by incorporating administrative criteria in determining eligibility for financial recognition. This criterion considers such things as a physician or group’s use of eligible standard contract templates, reimbursement schedules and efficient use of technology in areas such as electronic claims submission. A summary of the methodology used for assessing UnitedHealth Practice Rewards is available for you.

Physicians and medical groups receive notification from UnitedHealthcare as to their designated status and are encouraged to review the results of their individual results on a secured Web site.