I’m Pregnant, Now What?

I am truly blessed to announce I am pregnant with my second Child.  Being my second go around, I really wanted to take this opportunity to share some fitness and nutrition tips with other expecting Moms.  Smart, clean eating and exercise, can actually make your pregnancy, and specifically the birthing process, that much smoother and bearable.  The fact remains, the healthier you are during pregnancy, the faster you will bounce back once you give birth.  So, with that said, I am very excited to share my journey with you and hopefully I can pass along some tips and ideas to make your pregnancy experience as healthy and happy as possible!

My situation is a little unique in that I did not find out I was pregnant until I was almost 9 weeks along!  I had a negative test result at 6 weeks, which made me think something else was wrong with me.  All kinds of things were going wrong with my Body, it felt like it was fighting against me.  What a relief, and joy it was, to finally figure out what was going on with me!  As I write this, I’m almost 15 weeks along.

After first hearing I was pregnant, naturally one of my many initial thoughts were ok how do I not go completely backwards with my fitness?  Priority #1, healthy Mom and Baby.  Priority #2, was to maintain my fitness to the best of my ability.  My plan then and still is to get 5-6 days per week of weights & what I like to call “Preggo HIIT” Training.

I am by no means a Super Woman and honestly, some days I have felt so nauseas the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym.  That being said, I know the value of trying to maintain my fitness the best I can.  Most times going to the gym to get a sensible workout in actually improved how I felt.  There have been other days where I have needed to listen to my body and head home earlier then I had planned.  The key to your success is to do your best to stay active. You don’t need to start a new routine, your Body is very aware of what it’s doing.  Please be mindful of your primary goal, a healthy Baby and Mom.  Always listen to your Doctor and follow any recommendations they have for your particular situation.

Nutrition on the other hand has been much more difficult for me.  I have had a serious aversion to vegetables and most other foods that I usually eat daily.  My nose doesn’t even want to come close to it.  So strange!  Those of you that know me, know this is quite peculiar.  For dinner, I’ve had cereal several nights in a row and Red Robin and Mexican for Lunch.  Not exactly, a picture perfect “diet” but I am trying to listen to my body and be mindful of my decisions.

Focusing on a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.  My point here is to try and eat healthy but don’t feel like you need to obsess about a meal plan or strict diet.  You must listen to your Body; it knows best!  Time to ditch a “meal plan” for 9+ months!  It will be ok, your body will bounce back if you are willing to work for it.  I, and many other determined women, are living proof of this.  Next time I will get a little more specific on my workouts and nutrition.