Are Cam Girls Prostitutes?

I have received an email today that I thought was worthy of a post itself. So rather than responding by email I am sure this answer will benefit others as well at this time. The guy met a camgirl from Medellin and talks to her by cell phone every night.

My opinion is that yes, she is a prostitute and I will explain my reasoning. Keep in mind there is always the exception but in the case of camgirls I really do not find such a difference where the two are so different that would make the difference. You have to ask yourself a few questions to start with. If the girl can masturbate and do basically anything on cam for a few dollar tip, don’t you think she would do the same in person with a guy that offered some cash. I know many will argue the fact that there is a tremendous difference between prostitutes and cam girls however I don’t buy it.

For money a cam girl will strip down and penetrate herself in usually anyway the client asks, and she will watch him masturbate as well simultaneously as she continues to follow his commands. She may do this using skype phone or even a cell phone. The only difference is the actual meet up in person. It is still live however, the difference would be a wan network only. Cam girls will argue but he doesn’t touch me or penetrate me in person. My opinion to that is that even in prostitution scenarios some men will choose not to penetrate the prostitute but rather do other things very similar to those she would do on cam.

It reminds me of a night I was sitting in Elite Panama with a good friend of mine having a few drinks and checking out the hot babes. He told me this joke that I always remembered.

This guy was at a bar in Vegas and he was sitting next to this lady, he asked her if she was a prostitute and she said What?? How could you ask me such a question, no i’m not a prostitute. So he continued by saying oh come on, you mean to say you wouldn’t accept 50 grand to sleep with a guy? She said well for 50 grand I would consider it. He then said I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you $100.00 to come to my room. She said what do you think I am? He said well we have already established that and now we started to negotiate.

Even if the above reasoning was wrong on my part which i’m sure people will argue. To me it is really the thought process of the whole thing. I mean would you really want a girlfriend or wife that made a choice to penetrate herself on cam in front of people live while watching men ejaculate on cam as well?

While living in Colombia, I met, ran into and dated lot’s of cam girls. If you go on the dating scene in Medellin, you will too. It is very difficult to not date a cam girl, just many times you won’t know it. I can say that I believe each and every cam girl I have met would in my opinion most likely meet clients in person the very same way if the opportunity should arise. In Colombia even non cam girl prostitutes date normally as well, so you might find a girl that is on a website or in some pimps book, but she also joined a marriage agency to go on normal dates. Doubtful she is truly looking for marriage, but rather an easy way, or a free mall and restaurant week. Don’t worry she will figure out how to get the cash out of you without saying, yeah sex with me is $100 per night. Her manipulation will run circles around a typical mentality. She will eventually some time in the week transfer that money into her pocketbook. The typical way is usually through telling the gringo how much she loves him and how badly she wants to be his wife. If that doesn’t work she will figure it out. In fact if you ever had the chance to place a bet on a Medellin girl dating a gringo getting his cash, you couldn’t have better odds, the same or worse goes for those guys trying out Russia.Another common way is her playing the she needs something game.

I think that cam girls are most definitely in the prostitution category. Now more than ever since the webcam revolution has surfaced and Colombia is drenched with it on every single corner, so many of these guys suddenly know that a Colombian girl even exists. Prior to the cam girls flooding the net, most wouldn’t even consider dating a foreign girl. All of sudden everyone wants a Colombian girlfriend and I am sure it’s not from the ultra liberal blog surfing in the evenings.