Cam Model Interview

An interview with a cam model, Yamile 23 years old in Medellin and was translated to English.
Yamile, when did you start doing shows live on the Internet?
I started around 9 months ago, a friend of mine told me about the job she was doing and I thought I would like it as well.
What made you choose this Job?
Like I said my friend was working as a cam model for 2 months and explained the job to me. I thought it would be perfect because I am a student and am able to model in the evening times, weekends when I am not studying. It is also a better choice for me for money at this time. I could get a job in the mall or as a waitress but I would not be as free with the hours and in this the money is better. I am living with a roommate and already had a computer and cam in my house, so it was perfect for me. She also said that I would learn English doing this and I really have improved my English now.

Do you feel embarrassed to strip naked in front of thousands of people?
I would say the first week or so I was very nervous taking off my panties and my bra, but I notice how many men love my body so I feel more comfortable now. My first week I barely took off my clothes and didn’t make any money at all. So I had to decide to either make money or not do this job. I thought about it and realized that doing this was good because I really didn’t have to meet anyone in person, it’s all a fantasy.
Do you see the men who watch you also?
I do, men turn on their own cams in the website and usually masterbate. Some guys just want to talk but most want to feel good while watching my show. Some guys are sick as well doing all kinds of crazy things, but you get used to that and just turn off their cam. I also have the option to ban them from my page in the website.

Did you ever think about prostitution?
No. I would not even consider prostitution an option. some of the girls at my school and I know they do prostitution but they never talk about it. I really don’t know how much they make but just the thought of it is bad to me. I don’t have kids so for me it’s ok if I don’t make that much money one week. Most of the girls that prostitute have many obligations in order to do that. I think about all the abuse that comes with something like that and I feel sorry for them. Thank god I don’t do it. Many men ask me if I can see them when they come to Colombia to visit. It really depends if they want to go for dinner or just looking for sex. I don’t mind meeting new friends always.

Are you single? Boyfriends?
I recently broke up with my boyfriend after 2 years. He was cheating and not really spending time with me. I am currently involved with one of my clients from my work, he is from Miami. He came to visit me once and we talk a lot in my page almost every time I am working. If not he always calls me. I also have many friends since starting this job, from all over the world even in Australia.

He accepts the fact that you strip and do wild shows on cam?
Yes, he supports me when I’m working. He has asked me to stop a couple of times but I told him that I wouldn’t stop when we first met so he accepts it. He also sees many girls online and I don’t bother him about it. Maybe if things become more serious when I graduate next year we will see.

How much money do you make usually?
It really depends on the luck. Some weeks I make 300dollars and I have made up to 1000 in a week. It’s really nice when I have great weeks like that, I can buy many things for me. Some girls make a lot more than that. They really are professional models.

What is the craziest request?
Wow, some guys want to see things I can’t believe. Like I said it’s a fantasy so I try to make them happy. Most guys want to see my ass, I hear that like a 1000 times a day, please show ass. One crazy request was to write a guys name on my private area and say each letter as I write. It was crazy to me but by the time I was done I had over 300 people in my room and they all tip me well for that. I have learned a lot about sex things that I never knew before also.

Does your family know what you do for a living?
God. They would kill me. They don’t ask me and I don’t talk about it, it’s a secret life for me and really I only want to do this to get through college. I have no plans for continuing this after. Many of my friends do this now too and we talk about it with each other and no one else.