How to Score Your Dominant Test

Each category is scored from 0-100 points.  The percentages do not represent percentages of your brain, and therefore won’t all total 100%.  Instead, it scores how much you agree with the values or principles that define a specific category or Dominant.  That means there can and will be overlap between categories.  It’s entirely possible to be 100% in two or more different Dominant categories, for example.  You should consider any score below 50% as a negative or unlikely result.

Remember, just because you score high in any category doesn’t necessarily mean you ARE that type of Dominant, but it does mean you AGREE with and SHARE many of the same qualities, values, and guiding principles with that kind of Dominant.

The Bear Dominant. The Bear Dom is typically a burly gay or bisexual male Dominant who prefers diminutive and youthful gay or bisexual male submissives. Some Bear Doms are attracted to lady-boys and boyish females, as well. They are called Bear Doms mostly for their tendency to exhibit hyper-masculinity and somewhat exaggerated male characteristics such as a muscular or stocky build and abundant body hair. Bear Doms are commonly encountered in the BDSM leather and LGBT subcultures. Best match: The Painslut Submissive / The Little Submissive.

The Collector Dominant. The Collector is focused on building a stable of submissives similar to a harem. For the Collector, quantity always trumps quality. In his way of thinking, the measure of a Dom’s standing is how many submissives he can accumulate, without much regard for who, or even what, those submissives may be. It is relatively common for a Collector Dom to attempt to collar a submissive mere minutes after meeting her for the first time in an online chat room or on a BDSM social network. Best match: The Novice Submissive / The Pseudo Submissive.

The Daddy or Mommy Dominant. Daddy & Mommy Doms find fulfillment in the relationship dynamic that exists between the Dominant and submissive, who is usually referred to as baby, babygirl, babyboy, little one, or other pet name that reinforces the sub’s child-like status in the relationship. A Daddy or Mommy Dom craves a sub with the ability to trust absolutely, a spirit of wide-eyed innocence and playfulness, an eagerness for guidance, and no-holds-barred adoration. Best match: The Little Submissive / The Pet Submissive / The Brat Submissive.

The FemDom Mistress. The FemDom is always a dominant female who utilizes a unique combination of force and sexual role reversal. She may prefer either male or female submissives, and is sometimes referred to as a Domme, Domina, Dominatrix, or Mistress. A sub-category of FemDom is the FinDom, a contraction of Financial Dominant. There is often a significant element of misandry (hatred of men) which may be real or role-played involved in the FemDom Topping style. Best matches: The Painslut Submissive / The Cow-Pig Submissive.

The Gorean Slave Master. A Gorean Slave Master, almost by definition, is a male Dominant who prefers slaves to submissives and subscribes to a highly stylized, authoritarian, and ritualistic way of life described in John Norman’s science fiction novels about the planet Gor. Goreans typically believe that women are inferior to men and deserve to be enslaved. Gorean slaves are treated as property, have no rights, and cannot own property of their own. Best matches: The Kajira Slave / The Domestic Submissive.

The Ineffable Dominant. The Ineffable Dom is typically a Dominant who has been in the D/s lifestyle for several years or longer and has, mostly through trial and error, learned what does and doesn’t work best in his D/s relationships. He has consciously explored and borrowed traits and characteristics from the other Dominant categories. The synergy created with each new partner brings new facets to the Ineffable Dom’s unique (and sometimes indescribable) Topping style. Best matches: The Warrior Princess Submissive / The Acolyte Submissive.

The Lesser God Dominant. A Dominant who expects and thrives on the worship of his or her submissives. This adoration and worship, which can sometimes take the form of highly ritualistic activities and behaviors, has but one purpose, which is the ego gratification of the Lesser God. It is relatively common for the households of Lesser God Doms to forsake all traditional forms of religion in order to practice their own home-grown religion, with the Dom at its head and subs as followers. Best match: The Acolyte Submissive / The Domestic Submissive.

The Sadistic Dominant. A Dom who enjoys or becomes sexually aroused from inflicting physical or emotional pain or discomfort upon his partners. Whether or not his partner is a masochist (someone who enjoys pain) is usually irrelevant to the pleasure that a Sadistic Dom gets from inflicting it. There is a wide spectrum of sadism that can range from the minimally sadistic yet skilled pain-inflictor on one end, to the abusive or pathologically dangerous extreme sadist at the other end of the scale. Best match: The Painslut Submissive / The Cow-Pig Submissive.

The Tin Pot Dominant. The TPD is primarily a role player. He doesn’t consider what he does as a deception; he considers it role play. For him, D/s isn’t a lifestyle; it’s entertainment. He sees it as perfectly natural and appropriate behavior, mainly because he believes he is interacting with others who are doing precisely the same thing. Since he believes that everyone is simply making it up as they go along, he feels pretty confident in doing so himself. Best matches: The Pseudo Submissive / The Novice Submissive / The Brat Submissive.

The White Knight Dominant. The White Knight Dom wants to right wrongs, slay dragons, rescue subs in trouble, treat his submissive like a princess, and become King – and he wants to do it all before lunch. He is driven by a sense of chivalry and altruism that transcends what he considers to be the sordid and tawdry business of self-gratification. Making you happy makes him happy. The White Knight lives to find solutions to your problems, but the downside is, not all problems are fixable. Best matches: The Warrior Princess Submissive / The Acolyte Submissive

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