Movie Night Medellin

Myself and a buddy grabbed a quick flight over to Medellin for the weekend arriving on Friday and leaving that very next Monday, super short trip and normally for me trips this short are just not worth it. By the time you get even remotely settled in, you find yourself packing and out the door.

I met this girl Mary on the Colombian dating site and she was 20 and extremely good looking from her pictures. Petite, dark brown hair on the curly side and a bangin ass that was noticeable in the first picture she sent me. I was set plus I had many more phone numbers on hand for backup in case any no shows or flaky crap went down.

I asked her if she had a friend for my friend, but she had to be super thin as that was what he is into. He doesn’t care so much about the other important aspects, he just loves a real thin body. She tells me yes it just so happens she has a friend 19 years old blonde, tall and super thin. I was thinking it has to be bullshit, I mean how rare would that be.

We were all set, Instead of meeting us at the airport, I set it up so that they would meet us at the Hotel in Luareles at 7pm. It was Friday night and we just flew in, so we wanted to just keep it low key and go out Saturday night instead. Tonight we wanted to eat and catch a nice movie at one of the nicer theaters. My buddy makes it over to my room around 10 minutes to 7. Incredible it wasn’t too much longer and these girls knock at my door.

I open the door and sure enough, Mary was looking fine as hell and the tall thin mona was looking extremely hot for my friend. I can tell he was happy. Mary had a slight cold and although looked good, the chemistry between her and I just didn’t seem right. She was very distant and it was weird. So we walk down the block to my favorite Italian place in Laureles called Opera Pizza. This place has fresh personal sized pizzas made in the outside brick oven just like what they have in Italy. They have a complete menu of different types of pizzas you can order and 2 pages of pastas as well. I totally recommend this place. I think I went there almost every Sunday for like 1 entire year. The guys from Opera are from Italy and take turns running the place a few months each.

It is simple, by far the best pizza in Medellin as most the other pizza places don’t cook good pizza, either they lack sauce or just too loaded with cheese or this pina sauce, if you know good pizza you’ll know what I mean.

We sit down at Opera and my buddy is really hitting it off with the blonde and i am just hitting a brick wall with mine. I figure ok, she just doesn’t like me, what can I do, it happens and that’s it. So I ask her, listen if your not happy, after dinner we can call it a night and that’s it. I said its obvious your not having a good time. Plus she was hacking like crazy as well, so a kiss was the last thing I was thinking about.

I told my buddy don’t worry, you still hang out with yours but mine is just not working out. He asked whats wrong, I said nothing just no chemistry, she is in another world, no big deal, just doesn’t like me and that happens. He said come on, just go to the movies with us. So I figured ok fine. I will take this unresponsive girl to the movies as well. Normally, if a date starts out like that, the sooner you end it the better. The night will just drag on and it would be much better without her.

We get into the theater and incredibly the whole place is nearly empty. We grab our seats and I am concerned with catching this cough Mary has so badly, more so now since I know I will be getting zero action this night. The movie starts and the mona with my buddy has his hand down her pants, she is making out with him, just going wild right there in the theater. I know he is having blast and I am happy for him. I thought for sure in a few more minutes she would be riding him right there and then.

I just continue watching the movie, absolutely no action with this girl at all, it was probably one of the coldest dates ever in Medellin. The movie was over and I figure for sure my girl would be heading back to her house, but that was not the case at all. I asked where were we going and my friend right away said back to the hotel. The girls agreed, now I am thinking shit, this girl is gonna be in the room with me only because her friend is in my friends room banging the shit out of him, I guess she wants to be close when she leaves.

We go back to the room, I get undressed and under the covers in the relatively small sized bed. Lights still on and this girl starts taking off her clothes to get into bed as well. At this point i’m confused as hell, but there is hope of some kind of turn around in the sexuality department. She strips down to these small pink panties and a tshirt. She gets under the covers with me and the bed is so small that she is basically right up against me. I naturally start getting hard due to the fact that I have this girl that doesn’t really like me but yet gets almost naked in bed with me.

As I get harder I am pressing right up against thong part of her panties. She says one moment. She gets up and takes off the panties and comes back in the bed. At this point I am at wow! A girl that barely looks at me while out, no smiles, no talk, shitty night out is all of a sudden without panties and a t shirt in my bed. Instead of just banging her like that, I felt it was better to go down on her for a little while first, maybe get a few signs of happiness.

While eating her, I started to think maybe this girl is just very timid outside always. I don’t know but it was by far the weirdest evening out on a date. After eating her for around 15 minutes, I wanted to stay away from that intense cough that was still going on, so I prop her up in doggy style, start banging while catching that perfect view of this super ass. It was just one of those asses that has the right amount of jiggle but still tight. Really nice honey colored skin and small tits that I never even touched. The sweat poured and it was over in around 15 minutes.

It was so nice that I had to be rude and wake this girl 2 other times that evening to repeat those sessions but she did not seem to mind at all.

We woke up around 11am and I called my buddy. He was on his way over to my room with the blonde. We gave them 25k pesos for the taxi and they left. My buddy and I went over to the mall to eat some steak, rice and beans. He told me his girl was a total freak and that he had a ton of fun.

We never called, nor seen those girls any more after the movie night, but the memory stays close.