Check List For Prospective Students‎ Of Arizona State University (ASU) ‎

Check List For Prospective Students‎ Of Arizona State University (ASU) ‎

Things to remember:

  • Get a copy of your previous syllabus along, as sometimes you may end up having prerequisites and you could waive it by proving you have covered such topics as usually the course requirements maybe covered by parts in the courses we do.
  • You require your provisional or degree completion certificate (sometimes they do not accept a provisional from some universities), which has to be submitted at the graduate college. So if you happen to come here as soon as you graduate apply for it.
  • When traveling if you are a vegetarian specify for vegetarian food on your flight.
  • Keep your cabin baggage as light as possible, during transits you may have to walk long distances. It would be good if you could get a trolley bag.
  • If you could you can try and get an International Driving Permit (Driving License)
  • Get your dental checkup done before you come here.
  • Get your eye sight check up done, and if you have sight get a spare pair of spectacles as they are usually expensive here.
  • A TB test is also advisable as if they ask you to get one done here, it is also expensive and not only that their tests are sensitive and usually we Indians test positive for it.
  • Carry money as travelers’ cheques, safest and convenient method of carrying money but do get cash in all denominations for immediate expenses.
  • If you intend to cook Indian food then we would suggest getting along a pressure cooker and any flat-bottomed vessels that you would feel comfortable using.
  • You could get along some masala powders, pickles etc. you could even carry some pulses etc but we would suggest not to as we have Indian groceries around our campus.
  • Here usually we wash clothes in Laundromats (maybe once in 10 days) so get clothes that would suit our washing conditions, as usually they are rough and tough.
  • Get atleast 10 to 12 sets of under garments, socks (usually you get better ones here but you can get some to get starting)
  • You wouldn’t require warm clothes as its usually quite hot here except for 2 – 3 months in winter
  • Get a good alarm clock (that sounds loud)
  • Do not get any stationary items like (staplers, punchers etc)
  • You should buy a good pair of sneakers, as you have to walk a lot here.
  • If you are geeting electronic items here check for voltage compatibility.
  • A good school bag, a Visa folder (to hold cards), a wallet/ purses (leather good are usually expensive here).
  • Get some medicines which you think would be useful or any common health problems that you have you could get some basic medicines for headache, stomach ache, indigestion, fever etc. along with a doctor’s prescription. 

Baggage specifications

  • Box specifications:(As an example the Air India economy class baggage specifications to the USA are given below. Note the specificationss may be different for other countries/airlines).
  • 2 pieces of baggage with total linear dimension (l+b+h) not exceeding 270cm (106″).
  • Moreover the total linear dimension of each piece should not be over 158 cms (62″).
  • The weight of each bag should not exceed 32kg (70 lb) [note: they are not particular about this]
  • Carry on baggage: In addition you can carry a bag with linear dimension not exceeding 115 cms (45″) onboard (fits beneath the seat).
  • Put a copy of the documents you are carrying in each piece of your luggage.
  • Do not carry any sharp things along with you as they are usually detected as weapons

What should I bring from INDIA?

Select the courses you are planning to take and find the corresponding books for those courses. If you don’t find the books corresponding to the courses that you intend to take then you may request some of the ISA members from your department for help. Please do not ask ISA about courses you may take.

You are advised to have the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunization, and get a certificate of all vaccinations you had even as a child. Hepatitis-B vaccinations are also advised, but it takes 3 injections over 6 months. Consult your doctor on all this.

This list of other items has been constructed according to the personal experiences of people who have come here. So, may be some important items are missing or are inadequately specified. Hence, personal discretion is highly recommended. Also if you feel something is not here then please do send us an email and we will try and post that info as soon as possible.

Item Qty Comments
A Clothes #
1 Full Sleeve Shirts 4 Depends maximum of 4 is recommended
2 Half Sleeve Shirts 4
3 Formal Trousers 2 Atleast
4 Blazer (Informal) / Suit (Formal) Suit Recommended. 1 Optional
5 Tie 2 For professional interviews
6 T-shirts 5 Most frequently in Arizona weather
7 Jeans 3
8 Shorts / Cargos / Bermudas 4
9 Belts 2 Formal and Casual
10 Traditional 1 Highly Recommended
11 Sweater 2 Jerkin / Sweat shirts ( Any one is better )
12 Pyjamas / Night Suit 3
13 Under Garments 14 As u go to the laundry once in a week or 2
14 Towels 3 Preferably not Turkey towels as difficult to dry
15 Handkerchiefs 8
16 Blanket (Light Weight) 1 Optional, depends on your baggage
17 Single Bed Sheet 2
18 Bed Cover 2
19 Pillow Cover 3
20 Woolen Gloves 2 Leather & wool
21 Jacket 1 Optional
22 Thermal Underwear Not required at all.
23 Caps Optional
B Footwear
1 Chappals / Sandals 1 Traditional Footwear / Sandals for Jeans
2 Slippers 1 Optional if for home use
3 Formal Black Leather Shoes 1 Better to have one
4 Casual Sport Shoes . 1 Daily use
5 Shoe Polish 1 For Formal Shoes
6 Shoe Polishing Brush 1
7 Socks black for formal shoes 2
8 Socks White 12 Cheaply Available here.
C Miscellaneous Items
1 Glasses / Contact Lenses 3 Must. Optics very expensive here.
2 Contact Lenses Solution Check for yourself
3 Stitching Kit 1
4 Alarm Clock Buy electronic here, as batteries r costly
5 Camera Optional
6 Walkman Optional
7 Recorded Music Cassettes Highly Recommended
8 Wallet (to hold Credit Cards also) 1 Highly Recommended
9 Hangers Don’t bring. Cheaply available
D Toiletries
1 Shaving Blades / Cartridges 12 Available here.
2 Razor 1
3 Shaving Cream Cheap here
4 Shaving Brush 1
5 After Shave Lotion 1
6 Trimming Scissors 1
7 Tooth Brush 2
8 Tooth Paste 1
10 Comb 2
13 Hair Oil 2
14 Nail Cutter 1 Don’t forget this
16 Talcum Powder Optional
18 Shampoo Cheaply available
19 Bathing Soap 1 Cheaply available
20 Washing Soap Don’t get it. Cheaply available
E Cooking Hardware (Be sure that all vessels are Flat-Bottomed, b’coz u have electric stoves here)
1 Pressure Cooker 3 Litres 1 Bigger the better
2 Spare Dead Weight Valves 1
3 Spare Safety Valves 2 or 3
4 Spare Gaskets 2 or 3
5 Frying Pan (Non-Stick) 1 Very good Qlty such as Nirlep recommended
6 Spoons Small Size 3 or 4
7 Big Spoons / Spatula 2
8 Steel Plates / Dishes 2
9 Steel Glasses 2
10 Pakkad / Tongs 1
11 Kadhai 1 Big size
12 Utensils / Patelis 3 Medium Size
13 Tea Filter / Galane 2 or 3
14 Tea Making Utensil 1
15 Knife (If u get one, don’t keep it in Cabin Baggage!!!) Good Quality
16 Cutting Board 1 Optional
17 Cooking Book 1 Your mother’s recipies highly recommened!;-)
F Cooking Groceries (Remember, All the items except the Masalas are recommended only if u have luggage space.)
1 Tea Powder 2 Kg
2 Instant Coffee / Nescafe Cheaply available. (Folgers)
3 Turmeric Powder / Haldi 250 gm
4 Mustard Seeds / Mouri / Mohari / Ri 250 gm
5 Red Chilly Powder 250 gm
6 Garam Masala 250 gm Even more if u come from North-India
7 Dhane Powder 250 gm
8 Jeera Powder 250 gm
9 Jeera
10 Asofotida / Hing 1
11 Sambar Masala 2 Bring as much as u can, as this will turn out to be your Staple Food!!!
12 Cholle/ Pav BhajiMasala 1 Recommended
13 Ready Instant Mixes ( MTR kinds) 1-5 Recommended
14 Dals ( All kinds espl Toor Dal ) 1- 2Kg Each ( Expensive here )
15 Elaichi / Veldoda 100 gm Optional
16 Clove / Lavang 100 gm Optional
17 Papad Optional
18 Aachar / Pickles Bring many properly packed.
19 Tamarind Powder / Cocum / Tamarind Paste 1 Required
20 Sugar / Rice / Salt Please Dont bring these.
21 Rava / Suji 1 Kg This is very helpful in beginning
G Stationary
1 School Bag 1 A Little Expensive here
2 Ball Point Pen 2 Not needed available in plenty here
3 Refills 1 same as above
4 Bonded/Clutch Pencils 1
5 Sharpner 1
6 Eraser Pencil 1
7 Clutch Pencil (0.5 mm) 1
8 Lead Box (0.5 mm) 2
9 Steel Scale 6″ 1 Optional
10 Stapler 1 Dont Forget these
11 Stapler Pins 2 Box
12 Punch Plz Don’t Bring. 3 holes punch Reqd here.
13 Scientific Calculator 1 Replace the batteries without fail!!
14 Cello Tape 1 Optional
15 Glue Stick / Glue 1 Optional
16 Sketch Pen Optional
17 Note books / Papers / Files / Folders Do not bring.
H Books (apart from course-work)
1 Oxford Concise Dictionary 1
 2 Books about India Optional
3 Religious Books Optional.
I Medicies (must bring)
1 Vicks (Vaporub & Inhaler) 1
2 Balm (Amrutanjan, etc) 1
3 Iodex 1
4 Dettol 1
5 Some Band-Aides (wash proof) 10
6 Iodine 1 Optional
7 Burnol 1 Important! Mr. Sanjeev Kapoors & Ms. Tarla Dalals !!!
8 Painkiller tabs like Combiflam, Brufen. 20-30 They dont go waste
9 Drugs and Antibiotics (for common fever & cold etc) Crocin , Amoxyciillin, Disprin .
10 B-Complex tablets
11 Vaseline 1 Especially for ppl coming in winter
And all the specialized medicines that you take. And, the things we missed.
J Miscelleneous
1 Recent Photographs

/ Negatives

Remember!!! Memories are the best company.
2 General Photographs Preferable to carry in CD’s or online albums
3 Indian Calendar 1
4 Handicraft Items
5 Gifts
K Documents (Not limited to these)
1 Passport / Photocopies Leave a copy in each bag.
2 Admission Letter Leave a copy in each bag.
3 I-20 & VISA photocopies Leave a copy in each bag.
4 Credentials Leave a copy in each bag.
5 Transcripts Leave a copy in each bag.
6 Recommendation Letters Leave a copy in each bag.
7 GRE / TOEFL Score Sheets Leave a copy in each bag.
8 Medical Fitness Certificate Leave a copy in each bag.
9 Health History Form Leave a copy in each bag.  (Provided by UMR)
10 Vaccination Certificate MMR, TB test.
11 Medical Prescription of all medicines Leave a copy in each bag.
12 College Leaving Certificate Leave a copy in each bag. (Optional)
13 Foreign Clearance from Income Tax Dept. Leave a copy in each bag.
14 International Driving License (I.D.P.) Optional
15 Receipts of traveller cheques One copy in each baggage
16 Enough Money Cash with some change for phone calls and other initial stuff

# Type of clothes depends on the habits of an individual. As far as dressing code is concerned, there is none. Shorts and T-Shirts to the school are the ones popular here. No formal stuff its highly casual. Try to get cotton stuff as it suits the climate here and cotton tends to withstand the extreme torture of machine washing and drying here quite well. Things left blank aer optional and depends on individual’s use.

Update from Spring 2014 students:  “At the port of entry, immigration and customs officials would check your bags for ‘Channa, Chole and Jeera’. These are not allowed into the U.S. Please make sure you avoid packing these to avoid bag search at the airport. Also, carry liquid cash below $8,000 to avoid questions (this excludes the Drafts (DD) for your first semester fees. DDs are not considered liquid cash)”