El Monte-Rosemead Adult School Classes- Information And Communication Technology


CTE Computer Career Sequence Certificates
Students seeking a Career Sequence Certificate must complete the courses listed. It is recommended that the courses be taken in the order that is listed for each sequence. Students will be required to complete an industry recognized certification for the occupational field they wish to pursue.


Digital Imaging (Adobe Photoshop)
This course provides training on an Apple iMac commercial desktop computer utilizing Photoshop CC, running on Windows 7. Students will gain an appreciation of Photoshop as a useful tool for image editing. Photoshop will be used for basic adjustments such as rotating, cropping or resizing as well as more advanced manipulations, retouching and combining elements of different images. Instruction also includes how to apply filters, patterns and lighting effects. Students will learn how to make a vector graphic. Web tools will also be used to create a web page and some animation will be used.


Design Elements (Introduction to Adobe)
This course provides training on the Apple iMac commercial desktop computer utilizing programs such as: Paint, Word (drawing tools), PhotoDraw and an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, using Windows 7. Students will learn to use the various tools in these programs to create simple graphics. Emphasis will be on file management, copying and pasting file types and sizes as well as basic drawing.

Essential Web Skills
This course will review internet concepts, an introduction to HTML, as well as using Adobe Illustrator. Students will learn to use to use Illustrator as a tool to produce Vector images. Students will learn to draw and apply fill and strokes to basic shapes, select, move, align and transform shapes, create colors and gradients, create and format text, flow text onto objects, position text on a path draw straight and curved lines to create illustrations. Students will learn to use layers, work with patterns and brushes transforming and distorting objects, work with transparency, recoloring artwork, and effects and graphic styles.

Website Design and Development
This course provides instruction in HTML5, CSS3 and Dreamweaver. Students will learn to create and validate webpages using HTML5. Instruction will include how to style with CSS3 and will also include the usage of Adobe Dreamweaver CC (Creative Cloud). We will create a template for a mobile website with responsive design emphasis and then modify it for table and desktop. We will learn how to enhance webpages with audio and video.


Internet Concepts
This course offers training on how to use the Internet to find information, Introduction to e-mailing with attachments, signatures, business cards, HTML and basic creation of simple web pages is introduced.


Computer Applications – MS Access 2013
This course stresses hands-on computer activities and provides an introduction in the use of Microsoft Access 2013 for Windows. Planning, creating, using and saving a data base will be covered. Activities in this course include displaying records in a database, insert, sort, change, browse and other major database functions. Other activities include advanced training on reports, forms, object linking and embedding (OLE) fields, hyperlinks and sub forms, and advanced reporting techniques. This course helps students to prepare for industry recognized certifications.

Computer Applications – MS Excel 2013
The course provides hands-on use of computerized worksheets using Microsoft 2013 Excel for Windows 7. Activities will include creating and displaying a worksheet, report preparation, charting reports; adding, deleting, and changing labels, values and formulas. Other advanced activities include creating data tables, amortization schedules, database management, sorting and querying working with multiple sheets and workbooks, consolidating data, advanced formulas, global functions and advanced printing. This course helps students prepare for industry recognized certifications.

Computer Applications – MS Outlook 2013
This course provides training on an Apple iMac commercial desktop computer utilizing Microsoft Outlook 2013, running on Windows 7. This course is designed for students who want to learn how to use Outlook for e-mailing including attachments, signatures, flagging and sorting e-mail, create rules, set e-mail importance, sensitivity and delivery options, organize contacts, track activities of a contact. Calendar will be used to create and customize a task list, delegate tasks and import, export and delete personal subfolders. This course helps students prepare for industry recognized certifications.

Computer Applications – MS PowerPoint 2013
This course provides training on an Apple iMac commercial Desktop computer utilizing PowerPoint 2013, running on Windows 7. Students will gain an appreciation of PowerPoint as a useful tool in the workplace. Students will gain an in-dept, understanding of how to create slide show presentations using various slide layouts; how to add clip art, and embed sound and video; using pictures as backgrounds, creating Smart Art graphics and applying smart art styles to graphics. Students will learn some advanced concepts with custom animation, creating motion paths, remove picture background, crop and compress a picture; combine slide shows, using comments in collaboration, saving the file in various formats; add hyperlinks and action buttons to a presentation and create a presentation from a Word outline. This course helps students prepare for industry recognized certifications.

Computer Applications – MS Word 2013
This course provides hands-on instruction in text/word processing using Microsoft Word 2013 for Windows. This course includes creating, saving, and printing office documents using templates, generating form letters, mailing labels, tables, lists, graphics, watermarks, pull quotes and columns. Students should be able to demonstrate a typing speed of 30 WPM before a certificate is issued. This course helps prepare students for industry recognized certifications.

Computer Technology – IC3
This course coincides with the three sections of Certiport’s IC3 examination and certification requirements. The three parts of IC3 are Computer Fundamentals, software applications, and Living Online. Topics of this course will include parts of the computer and computer peripherals, DOS, Windows and Mac operating systems, and application programs such as text/word processing, spreadsheets, database management, office messaging and office presentations. Topics will also include a comprehensive coverage of the Internet and various resources found on the World Wide Web.

Career Sequence Certification Review Lab
This Career Sequence Certification Review Lab is available for students to review and prepare for the Sequence Certification Exams. Career Sequence certificates will be given upon successfully passing the industry recognized certification exam for their career pathway.

Class Enrichment Lab
Computer Enrichment Lab is designed for students who are currently enrolled in and are regularly attending a CTE computer course with the El Monte-Rosemead Adult School. A signed lab permission slip from their regular classroom instructor will allow students to work on assignments identified by their teacher in a self-pace lab environment. Students may also use the lab for the following reasons: course required lab hours, excused absences, have fallen behind in class work, or feel they need extra hands-on computer time grasp a topic, and for those students working on a project for their regular class.