El Monte-Rosemead Adult School Classes- Manufacturing And Service Occupations

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School Classes: MACHINING AND FORMING TECHNOLOGIES

CTE Manufacturing Sequence Certificate
Students seeking a Career Sequence Certificate must complete the courses listed. It is recommended that the courses be taken in the order that is listed for each sequence. Students will be required to complete an industry recognized certification for the occupational field they wish to pursue.

Machine Shop I
This is a course in basic machine tool operation; students will learn to operate Engine Lathes and Vertical Milling machines that are found in the average machine shop. This course is designed for the student who wants to learn general machine shop practices in conjunction

conjunction with hands-on training. Students will use precision measuring tools and blueprint dimensions for machining projects. Students will need to complete this course to be able to advance to the next level. It is recommended that students have a basic understanding of math and basic algebra.

Machine Shop II
This course covers theory and hands-on instruction on 2 axis CNC vertical milling machines. This course includes setup, operation and conversational programming. Students will utilize programming techniques, such as, pocket milling, circle milling, and bolt holes. Students will need to complete this course to be able to advance to the next level.

Machine Shop III
This course prepares student for placement in CNC machining industries. Manual Programming and editing using Fanuc language (G-codes, M- functions), set-up and operation of 3 axis CNC vertical Mill and 2 axis CNC Lathe will be covered. This course also covers introduction to CAD software (Computer Aided Design) to design parts, and CAM software to create a workable program, to be able to machine a finished product.