Ged Preparation And Testing Service

GED PREPARATION AND TESTING  – El Monte-Rosemead Adult School

Who may take this test?
Anyone who meets the following requirements:
• Must be 18 years old at the time of application.
• Must be a resident of California.
• Must have DMV identification (Social Security number recommended, but not required).
• Must NOT have any other high school diploma, certificate, or be attending a regular high school.

Where and when do you begin testing?
We recommend that the students take a practice test first. The cost for the each practice test is $4.50 (4 total tests) and may be purchased at our bookstore or online at The entire battery of tests should be completed in 3 hours. From the practice test results, we can recommend a course of study for the student.

How do I schedule the test?
The test is scheduled online at

What are the fees?
Registration fees will be paid online at The cost is $35 per test section (four total tests). Study material may also be purchased online or in our bookstore.

How long will the test take?

Test 2 – MATHEMATICS   95 minutes
Test 3 – SCIENCE   95 minutes
Test 4 – SOCIAL STUDIES  95 minutes

What does the test cover?

The ability to read closely, the ability to write clearly, the ability to edit

Quantitive Problem Solving (45%) Algebraic Problem Solving (55%)

Test 3 – SCIENCE
Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science

U.S. History (20%), World History and Geography (15%), Economics (15%), Civics and Government (50%)

What is a passing score?
The GED® test will have a passing score of 150 on each test part. Therefore, you will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each part and a total score of 600 across the four-part battery in order to receive your GED® test credential. You may also earn an “Honors” score if you receive a score of 170 on a test part.
Below passing: 100-149, Passing Score: 150-169, Honors passing Score: 170-200.

Where can I find my scores?
Scores are available the same day you test on your MyGEDTM online portal under the My Scores section. Log in at to see your scores.

I don’t see my test scores. When will they be here?
A full report will be available within 3 hours of testing on all content areas through the enhanced score report. If your scores do not appear after 24 hours, contact customer support for additional assistance.

What if I don’t pass all the tests the first time?
You can take a test module, and two subsequent module retests, with no restrictions between retakes. If you fail the second or any subsequent retest, the test taker must wait 60 days for each successive attempt.

What is the cost of the retest?
The price of the initial test is set by each state and varies based on where you take the test. The price of the retest also varies based on where you retest. GED Testing Service® will waive its fees for retests of failed subject tests and both states and test centers will have the option to do the same.
For example: The price of a GED® subject test in a state is $35 (which includes a $10 test center fee and a $5 state fee). You would pay $35 for your first subject. If you were to fail that subject, you would be eligible for discounted retests. In this example where the test center and state do not waive their fees, you would pay $15 for each retest of the failed subject. If the test center and state waive their individual fees, the retest would be free of charge.