Once Upon A Time There Was A Holiday Called St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on the second week of March college students make their way into Aggieville to celebrate what is known as “Fake Patty’s Day.” The made up holiday was created by students who wanted to celebrate St. Patricks Day before parting ways for spring break. Each year the holiday attracts more people and was even named “Best College Party in America” by MTV last year.

Fake Patty’s day is an all day event for many with Aggieville bars opening their doors at 9AM. In previous years people lined up outside bars waiting to get in sometimes for hours. Beginning last year Aggieville bars has begun charging entry fees by making people buy five dollar wristbands up till the very last day, then charging ten dollars at the door. They also have a VIP option for those who want to skip the line and avoid the wait.

Today’s Collegian features an ad from Aggieville bar, Johnny Kaws, wristbands are for sale now. Fake Patty’s Day starts at 9AM, Saturday March 9th.

Manhattan, Kansas is ranked #6 out of 15 best college St. Patrick’s day celebrations. But wait, why do we call it “Fake Patty’s”? Urban dictionary explains it best:

Once upon a time there was a holiday called St. Patrick’s Day that everyone wanted to celebrate by drinking green beer and singing that song that says, “Oh baby you…got what I neeed!” It was a lot of fun until the government and college officials got together in a conspiracy to strip college students at KState of any possible fun they might have. They decided to make Spring Break happen at the same time as St. Patrick’s Day, thus condensing two fun times into one and student’s were like “nooo! not fair!” So they got together with the Aggieville peeps and said, “lets make our own FAKE holiday that will be tight so we can have two fun times again!” Then they made Fake Patty’s Day and everyone bought shirts to wear from THREAD Hot and Fresh T-Shirts made to order! Now it’s like the biggest holiday in the world and people come from Russia and Australia just to take part in the ritualistic beer drinking and dance-offs with officials trying to stop Fake Patty’s from happening.

Students of all ages wake up before the sun rises and start their marathon drinking binge to celebrate this wonderful foliday (fake holiday). But before you set up your beer pong tables in your front yard and start roaming the streets with green beer in hand, you should know that your chances of getting stopped by a Riley County Police Officer are pretty likely. Yes, you may be 21, but no, that doesn’t mean you can drink on a roof, in a tree, or wherever else you may end up on this day.

Here are a couple of alcohol consumption and possession laws to keep in mind before you drunkenly argue with a cop and get yourself in more trouble than you need to be in.

It is unlawful for a person to consume alcohol or possess an open container while on public streets, sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, roads, parks, recreation areas, open space areas, highways within the city, or on property owned by the state. You could be fined between $50-$200.
It is unlawful to provide alcohol for a minor. Fine between $200-$500.
It is unlawful to host a minor who is consuming alcohol. Fine between $1,000-$2,500.