No Yard And Place How To Growing Fresh Tomatoes By Sunlit Window

If you’re the type of person who enjoys homesteading and DIY projects, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to eat healthy and save space, then this topsy-turvy tomato garden will be right up your alley. This will be especially helpful for those who live in an apartment or who otherwise don’t have a yard to grow vegetables in.

With a few materials and about 15 minutes of spare time, you can be on your way to begin growing fresh tomatoes right by a sunlit window in your home.

This easy project only require a few materials. They are:

  • 1 empty, clean 2-liter plastic (soda) bottle
  • 8″ long chopstick, wooden skewer, or small dowel rod
  • scissors
  • potting soil
  • coffee filter
  • tomato plant
  • string or wire (to hang your planter)
  • knife or other sharp object to punch holes through bottle

Once you have acquired these materials, you’re ready to begin. Follow these easy steps.

1. Make sure your 2-liter plastic bottle is washed and clean
2. Cut about 2″ off of the bottom of the bottle (the part it’d normally stand on, now it should look like a shallow bowl)
3. Take the cut off 2″ piece, reverse it, and stick it in the open bottom of the bottle so that it fits comfortably in the inverted position
4. Poke 2 holes through the bottom of the bottle, so that you can thread the chopstick (or whatever you had) through it as well as the inverted 2″ piece (but don’t thread the chopstick in yet)
5. Now remove the 2″ bottom piece and poke several holes in it, which will serve as a water dispenser for your tomato plant (5-8 holes should be enough)
6. Choose a tomato seedling that isn’t too large yet
7. Take your coffee filter and tear a seam from the edge to the center, and wrap the filter around the base of the tomato plant so that the filter covers the dirt
8. Gently work your plant (with coffee filter in place) through the open bottom of your 2-liter plastic bottle and guide the plant through the open bottle top (where a cap would be)
9. Turn the bottle upside down, so that the neck of the bottle is pointed down with your tomato plant sticking out down through the open neck, and fill the empty bottle with potting soil, adding it on top of the bottom of where your plant is (leave space for the 2″ bottom piece)
10. Replace the 2″ bottom piece and thread the chopstick through the 2 holes you made in step 4, and secure a wire on either end of the chopstick (the ends should be poking out on each side) so that you can the bottle upside down
11. Pour water into the dispenser (the inverted 2″ bottom piece with 5-8 holes punched through) until you start to see water dripping out through the neck of the bottle where your plant is sticking out
12. Put duct tape or another covering on the outside of the bottle, so that you can’t see the potting soil/roots (this shields the delicate roots from the sunlight), you could also just paint the bottle
13. Now, hang your brand new topsy-turvy tomato garden, water it as needed, and enjoy!

And that’s it! This should really only take you about 15 minutes once you have all of your materials, and you can make many of these and hang them so you can have a tomato garden that can provide you with plenty of vegetables.