Rochester’s Transportation System Is Absolutely Dominated By Cars

Annie and I have been making do with one car lately because one of our cars has a serious mechanical issue. The car is at a point that it is questionable whether to fix it or to try to sell it as is. So I’ve been walking a lot more.

On my walk today into work I had a chance to think about a movie I saw last night. Bikes vs. Cars was a special feature brought to Rochester by the We Bike Rochester group. One of their members that I hadn’t met before sent me an invitation, so I thought I’d check it out.

The movie was what I expected – a very thorough analysis of how much our society is dominated by cars.

And so is Rochester. Rochester’s transportation system is absolutely dominated by cars. I think we need a balanced system that allows cars to share the right of way, and ENCOURAGES transit, bikes, and pedestrians. In the movie, a woman from Brazil had a great quote – “you own a car, not the road.” And that’s true here in Rochester too. The road, and the right of way, is a public good shared by everyone, regardless of what type of transportation is being used. We are desperately out of balance, and we need to make serious policy changes to our system.

I’m so glad the We Bike Rochester group has been advocating for better connectivity for bikes. They and other advocacy groups are an important part of what one of my community aspiration will be; to become the Healthiest City in the World.