Log Pile or Safe House?

This “pile of logs” located in Hilversum, Netherlands, is actually a music studio belonging to entertainer Hans Liberg.  Designed by Piet Hein Eek, this stealthy studio looks like a normal stack of logs – even the windows are camouflaged when closed.

Though most survivalists and preppers have no need of a music studio, this one just goes to show that you can design a very effective method of disguising a safe house.  Whether as a pile of logs or rocks, there are ways to avoid detection when you wish to be secluded.

Imagine having this particular studio here.  What would you do with the interior?  Panic room?  Part-armory, part-supply storage?  The possibilities are only limited by what you can think of, and there are plenty of uses a survivalist could get out of one.

Here are some more photos of this specific building.

Pictures credit: here