AWE Talks Nicki Minaj & Celeb Crushes (Interview)

Alize, Kduce and Kandii are the three girls from South Central L.A who lit up the internet with their highly infectious song, Boss A** B*tch in 2012, and after a year and a half of unexpected attention and internet fame, these girls are taking their careers by the horns and turning this opportunity into a life long dream.

You may have first discovered the song last year after it gained popularity from spoofs on vine, or you might have searched for the song after Nicki Minaj took the beat and made her own version for fans, but either way, the female rap trio who goes by the name of P.T.A.F (Pretty Taking All Fades) are making it clear that they’re determined to make it in the music industry.

We got a chance to sit down with P.T.A.F at their new label home, Capital Records, and spoke to them about their upcoming project, what celebs they’re crushing on right now, their top 3 B.A.B’s, the whole Nicki Minaj situation and a lot more.

You’ll be surprised to see that these girls have grown since stepping on the scene in 2012. They’re now sporting a new look, keeping a positive attitude and are ready to put West Coast female rap back on the map.

Watch as’s very own Lizzy Jeff chops it up with P.T.A.F above.