He Is A Writer Producer And Director Behind The Scenes

He is doing most of his work behind the scenes as a writer, producer and director, but back in the Seventies, Brett was a star in his own right. With Bill and Mark, he was one of The Hudson Brothers, network television comedy stars and Top 40 recording artists signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records and produced by Bernie Taupin. Their CBS prime-time series, The Hudson Brothers Show, was the summer replacement for The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and put them on the map and began a friendship with Cher that flourishes to this day. The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show twisted the minds of a generation and led their drinking buddy John Lennon to dub them “The Kings of Saturday morning.” Brett and his brothers later wrote, produced and starred in the hit international TV series, Bonkers, Showtime’s first comedy film shorts, and the 1983 film comedy, Hysterical. Then he lost his hair and moved on to a prosperous writing and producing career that included the Showtime series, A Family Tree; Fox Television’s Bizarre Moments, Hidden Videos, and Your American Pop Quiz; and a number of comedy specials including The Cindy Williams Comedy Special on the Family Channel. He returned to performing with brother Mark in King World’s off-the-wall comedy series, Offshore Television, which he also wrote and produced. Brett also wrote sitcoms and film scripts and produced the popular DVD, Christian Comedy Live! (When asked by an Nashville newspaper reporter to cite an example of good Christian comedy, Brett replied, “Jerry Seinfeld.” Think about it.) Today, a Hudson Brothers renaissance is underway with the release of their Razzle Dazzle shows on DVD.

Burt Kearns has been chronicling and influencing pop culture for thirty years in many diverse media. Back in the early Nineties, he was one of the most prominent producers in tabloid television, running shows like A Current Affair, Hard Copy and Premier Story, with adventures that found him backstage at the Jerry Lewis Telethon, under a pile of security guards at Sammy Davis Jr.’s funeral, working a hidden camera at Princess Diana’s secret burial site– and standing atop the Berlin Wall the weekend it fell. With a background as a newspaper reporter and editor and network television news producer, he had enough perspective on the genre to turn that wild ride into a controversial 1999 memoir and mea culpa called Tabloid Baby. By that time, he’d moved on to making documentary features and television series, showing his range by directing and producing Hollywood Animal Crusaders (starring John Travolta and Cher) for Animal Planet, while also producing and writing the notorious Fox Television special, When Good Pets Go Bad 2 (that’s “Two”), which featured video of Santa Claus being attacked by a reindeer. He’d explore many other issues after he was blacklisted for writing his book. He was co-producer of the HBO film, Panic, with Kim Basinger, producer of Boxing: A Different Look for Showtime; writer and producer of one-hour nonfiction Court TV specials like Mohammed Atta: Soldier of Terror and Sean Combs: Rapper Under Fire; and the nonfiction films Bin Laden’s Escape and Death of A Beatle. A prolific online presence, Burt is also executive producer of truTV’s hit series, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. He writes and produces all the Frozen Pictures material with Brett Hudson. He also directed Basketball Man and The Seventh Python.