Is Soulja Boy Trickin On India Love Westbrooks and Her Sisters?

Being an insta celeb comes with a few perks here and there, but when it comes to 18-year-old India Love Westbrooks and her sisters, being famous for taking selfies might’ve let to them receive free Louboutin’s and fancy dinners from a well know rapper.

The instagram streets are talking and some Westbrook fans believe that India and her two sisters, Brooke and Morgan are getting free sh-t from rapper Soulja Boy.

Last month, Soulja boy posted a photo of him and India shopping at a high end store and just a few hours later, Brooke, Morgan and Soulja separately posted photos of their fancy meals at Katsuya.

Some fans believe that India didn’t post a photo of her plate that night because she didn’t want rumors to start again that she is dating Soulja (He later deleted the photo of them together and she posted a message to her followers saying that he’s just a friend.)

Here’s a collage we found online that a Westbrook detective (read stan) put together which allegedly proves that Soulja boy is tricking’ off on the Westbrook girls.

If that’s not believable, then here’s another collage we found that shows the Westbrook sisters showing off some gifts just a couple days after hanging with the southern rapper.

That definitely seems a little too convenient, but it aint tricking if you got it. Them Westbrook girls got the Insta come up on Lock.

In related news, India’s older sister Morgan (aka Mommyistattedd) is going through yet another messy break-up. The 23-year-0ld tattoo connoisseur and her 28-year-old equally tatted boo mysteriously broke up sometime in March after being together for less than 6 months.

This morning her ex posted this message to his followers which basically calls for her fans (who started following him when he they started dating) to wake up and stop idolizing IG stars like the Westbrooks.

Idiots idolize the hustle while the brilliant respect the grind! it humors me so much how people will admire and adore individuals on IG and other social networks that they have NEVER meet in person! Behooves me to point out that people idolize people preaching the wrong moral standards like hustlin, partying, and material things when they should be showing you the importance of an education, family morals, and ACTUALLY working for a living! Sadly this generation of fools will follow these dull-witted idols and persecute others for not jumping off the same cliff smh but I guess for some people social networking is all they’ll ever have…following the sheep herder, but I’d rather be the lone wolf than the companied sheep! #justmythoughts #tattooedandemployed #ifyouonlyknewthetruth”

That’s all true, but why say it now? He hopped on the insta celeb train and was all in up until they broke up. Could be the reason why they’re not together though.