Morgan Westbrooks Talks Messy Break-Up, “Westbrook Sisters” Reality Show And More

Whether you understand it or not, the Westbrook sisters are definitely one of the most popular families on the internet social scene right now.

Morgan Westbrook aka MommyIsTattedd is the second oldest girl in the Westbrooks clan and gained popularity for showing off her unique tatts and lovey dovey relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Jay on instagram and twitter.

Earlier this week, the 22-year-old social network celeb sat down with LATalkLive’s “Keepin’ It Real with The Cousins & Bigg” internet radio show and dished on her rise to fame, the messy break up with Jay, reveals a possible Westbrook family reality show is in the works, plus a lot more.

Check out some excerpts from MommyIsTattedd’s interview below:

On What She Does Exactly:

“I have a lot of things going on. I started off with a tanning salon. People don’t know that that’s just money. What I represent is money. I’m not in it for the fame, I don’t what my face all over the world. I’m just female who hustle. everybody ask “what does she do? What is it that you do? “ I’m a hustler.” 

On How She Got The Mommyistattedd name:

“I knew that was coming ..[laughs] I have no kids.  I’m mixed with Mexican, so it’s like that slang “Oh, what up mami” everybody doing that “Papi” thing, so that’s kind of where it came from”. 

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On Her First Tattoo:

“I have 8 diamonds on my side and each one represent everybody in my family. I come for a big family.”

On If She Knows How Many Tatttoo’s She Has:

I don’t. I was gonna have a guy count for me, but I was like “How do you count this?”.


On Ex-boyfriend Jay:

“Keep it 100. When I love I love hard, I’m a leo. I’m strong, I back you up. Loyalty goes a long way.  Loyalty is everything. Us females we go through thee most.  But, when you loyal and you in it, you in it. So, I was in it…deep. And everything we showed, it was real. It was that passion and n-ggas fuck up…over and over again and when you in it deep you let certain ones slide and then you know what he cheated on me with one of my fans. And to keep it 100, after six years, he still with her.”

Morgan Westbrooks Ex-Boyfriend Jay and New Girlfriend Natalie Lyles

On Who She’s Dating:

“Honestly, that’s a brand new situation ( her brake-up with Jay). Yall got me right off. It’s only been about 2-3 months. So honestly, it was fucked up situation so I was really angry. But, I’m at a point where I’m like what am I trippin for? I think I was tripping because it was six years. I built something and it got taken from me. and I don’t like that cause I work hard for everything that I have and for somebody to take it, it was okay, okay, I see what it is. Not only that, I got so many niggas, I could’ve been anywhere. NBA players, NFL players , but I stuck with this nigga and It got f-cked over in the end. So, now I all about my money. All about my money. You know we got boo thangs, but it aint gonna go further than that.”

On What Type Of Men She Likes:

“I like tall and athletic with tattoos. I’m short, so I like to climb, I like to climb, we gone put it like that. “

On What’s Next:

“I might have a reality show coming…with all the sisters. I actually have a app coming out this month.  Everybody wanna be in these magazines on the shelves and not everybody can make. Well, I started from the bottom and it don’t matter if you really got that whole everything going on , come with me and I’m going to put you in my app and everybody gets to see you. “


On The Reality Show:

“Everybody [will be in the reality show]. We bringing the ghetto black from the Kardashian’s we gone really keep it real and show ya’ll how we do this. “

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If they really get this reality show poppin, they will be unstoppable lowkey, lol.