She And Her Partner Startup Company Focus On Organic Medicinal Chocolates

Tahlia Mynott and her partner Scott started Made With Raw Love, a delicious startup, as well as Raw Raisers, the fundraising arm of the project.

Made With Raw Love are organic, medicinal chocolates, handcrafted in Melbourne with LOVE. Tahlia’s story is below.

You and your partner Scott started Made With Raw Love can you tell us a little about what you create and why you started the company?

Scott and I met through mutual friends at a meditation evening in early 2013. On one of our first dates we did the cliche movie. Not so cliche was that Scott bought some raw chocolate with him that he had made that day with frankincense oil. I did the not so impressionable first date girl thing and ate most of what he had bought. It was out of this world and the flavour was like nothing I had ever tasted. A couple of months later we missioned up to Northern QLD, completed an 8 day water fast together and came out the other end with a business name, ABN and a plan for the launch of our brand. The business is an expression of our love for health and also the journey of our love for each other. We believe our chocolates to be different to many others as we use some unfamiliar ingredients like frankincense oil, lakanto, reishi mushroom, chaga mushroom, bee pollen and some other high quality healing ingredients. We are passionate about organics and sustainability, therefore all our packaging is compostable, recyclable or eco friendly. We make every love heart piece by hand and infuse it with love and the vibrations of singing bowls. Our intention is that each bite creates a journey towards a better you.

I imagine the move from concept to creation was a winding road, what keeps your motivated with your business?

We want to be active in a positive change to this world. This and the love and support the community has shown us keeps us motivated every single day.

You also work as a holistic nutritionist, how do you think that the things we eat influence our body, mind and spirit?

Everything in life is a journey and the journey to becoming a Holistic Nutritionist and believing what I do today has been challenging. However this journey has produced the greatest of teachings. Mind, Body and Spirit are completely connected and one of the biggest parts to this amazing circle of life is the food we consume. Our bodies are beyond amazing in everything they are capable of doing. One of the most interesting things is that we are a vibration, low or high. Everything we do is related to vibrations and everything we eat is also related to vibrations. Eating healthy, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and staying away from sugars, meat and dairy ensure we are nourishing our bodies with high vibrational foods which in turn allow us to be high vibrational beings. This ensures we are full of energy, happiness, inspiration, calmness and love.

You’re also a founder of Raw Raisers, a social enterprise which aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding the environment and raise money through raw food dinners. How did the idea of Raw Raisers come about?

Each creation is a little story in itself

Raw Raisers came about after Bec, a girl I worked with, and I came into work one day after both watching the same documentary on the exact same night by chance. The documentary was “The Cove”. From this date numerous psynchronicities started to occur around Sea Shepherd and we found ourselves approximately a month later at one of their fundraisers in Melbourne. We left that evening completely inspired. I remember the exact moment outside Flinders Street station in Melbourne. We both looked at each other and said we have to do something. I don’t doubt that part of my reason for being on earth is to be a part of Raw Raisers. Each time we have had an event I have felt an indescribable amount of love and self worth. Our vision is to help create awareness about projects that we support. We want to do this by creating community events that bring people together to create funds and share in something we all love. There are now three of us in Raw Raisers, Bec, Nadia and myself. Raising love, raising funds and raising awareness.

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