She Is A Talented Illustrator Graphic Designer Art Director And Creative Writer

Meet Wasted Rita, a very talented illustrator, graphic designer, art director and creative writer who describes herself as ‘just a passionate kid doing what she thinks she should.’

How did you fist find you had a passion for graphic design and illustrating?

I used to draw alone in a corner when all the other kids were playing around and making healthy growing up connections. From that to understand I was born to do what I do now was not and obvious but easy natural step.

I fell hard for your says wasted Rita words and statements is this primarily a creative outlet outlet or something a little deeper? 

Creative outlet, how cheap does that sound? I almost cried a little. ‘Says Wasted Rita’ is an archive for all the statements I’ve been writing, it is completely out of date, but it was suppose to be an organized way to showcase my writings on the internet. And, yes, what I write is a bit deeper than just an outlet, since it is intimate, emotive and honest as fuck.

You’re a Portuguese artists who has had her work exhibited widely across Europe, how did that come about? 

I am not sure if nationality is such a big deal nowadays, that concept is slowly dying. And we have internet, bringing people, amongst other things, that are miles always from each other together. So, that’s why and how I work widely across everywhere.

I have to ask, why the name ‘Wasted Rita’?

Because Wasted Rita was born from a period of emancipation and self-discover, because before that I used to be a disbelieving insecure person, because I am now doing what I love how I want to and, most of all, because I am not wasted and I don’t waste myself at all.

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