She Is The Co-owner Of Creative Services Company

Gwen O’Toole is the co-owner of creative services company, The Ideas Library. Former and founding Editor of Australian events publication Spice Magazine.

How you come up with the plan to open The Ideas Library?

About two years ago, my now partner and I were having drinks (as all good ideas come about) and started talking about the ideas we had for a company we wanted to run individually. We both wanted to run a business assisting other people in making their ideas for events and business happen. We also had a few ideas of our own. We quickly realised that we were talking about the same company and decided to join forces to make The Ideas Library a reality.

The Women Who Start Their Own Business: Gwen O’Toole

What does it mean to you to be a part of organising someone’s special event, say a wedding or product launch?

When our clients come to us it’s because they have an idea or a dream they’ve laboured over and thought about for some time. Our clients come to us after choosing to make their idea a reality so by that point it’s safe to say they are emotionally and often financially invested in making it happen. It’s a great honor to be trusted with their idea and an immense pleasure to assist them in giving it fuel. We’ve done everything from organising weddings to corporate events to planning wedding proposals. Every time we see out clients face when they walk into the room and they experience the joy of their idea coming to life, it’s a reward in itself. And we are so grateful to be part of that.

Is event management what you always wanted to be doing?

No, I always wanted to be a writer. I published a novel in my early 20’s and went to University to study tv and film scriptwriting. Events was just something I fell into because I loved the industry and became an editor of an events publication for 8 years. I still write when time allows and am working on a second book (have been for about 6 years now.) I also do a lot of ghost writing and travel writing on a freelance basis so I never miss writing.

How do you unwind at the end of a big gig?

With a big debrief with my partner over dinner (or breakfast for late night events) and an epic sleep to refresh for the next one.