The Coach And Communications Specialist Who Promote Wellness

Jess Ball is coach and communications specialist who uses her background in PR and talent management, as well as her training as a Master Practitioner of Coaching to help people through the darker moments of life, and assist them in finding their true calling. Jess has a holistic view of coaching that is inspiring and engaging.

You work as a coach to help people uncover their true purpose, happiness and help their career. What inspires you to assist others and help them to reach their greatest good?

I am inspired by darkness and light. I am inspired by those who have been on the journey of exploring their own darkness and light, and are using their lessons to help others. I believe that when we face and harness our pain, we can transform it into passion and love. A big part of what I do is to act as a mirror. To reflect a client’s amazing potential back to them, and to help them step up, be honest and take responsibility.

I believe we are whole and complete exactly how we are, where we are in each moment. I see many who feel they are broken, whether it is in their personal lives or professionally. I am passionate about helping others realise there is absolutely nothing wrong with them at all, and that through the acknowledgement of pain and grief, release is possible.

I work with many women who believe they need to be perfect, for example, and the irony here is that perfection does not actually exist.

True beauty lies in our imperfections- in between the cracks.

It’s time to celebrate our humanity, instead of buying into the false perception that we will fall apart and suffer rejection should our ‘imperfections’ be revealed. There is no benchmark of success for a perfectionist, and in holding on to that, we suffer a perpetual sense of failure and shame.

I do a lot of work with people around shame, and redefining what that is for them. I’m actually on a mission at the moment that I’m calling ‘The Positive Shame Movement’. I think as a society we need to collectively acknowledge our shame, particularly as it is something we all hold to varying degrees. It’s time for us to share and be honest with ourselves and each other- to say how it is, not how we think we ‘should’ be.

As author Brene Brown says, empathy is the only antidote to shame. I am able to speak to my clients from a place of empathy and understanding because I have addressed my own shame regarding living with a chronic illness. We can only teach what we know. In embracing my imperfection, came my greatest realisation of my own true beauty. I learned to reconnect to myself through that experience, and love myself in a deep way.

Our greatest good is to honour and be in alignment with who we truly are.

How does your work assist your clients to overcome underlying issues, such as loneliness, body image or learning to live with a chronic illness?

We all have our own map of reality, and as a coach, I help my clients acknowledge any of their behaviours that are un-resourceful. To celebrate their uniqueness, and define their vision for their lives. Much of my work is around moving towards pleasure- what it is they want- instead of moving away from the pain of what they don’t want (which motivates many of us in decision-making).

To do this, I work with my clients to uncover where their darkness lies, and what lessons it holds. Life is for us to enjoy – it is not a punishment, and so creating new beliefs around meanings we’ve placed on past occurrences is key. Experiences of trauma, moments of humiliation, chronic illnesses and other events can create a sense of shame. This feeds into our three core human fears – the fear of not being loved, fear of not being enough, and fear of not belonging.

I assist my clients to break through their fears by embracing their shame and teaching them how to use it as a tool of transformation.

The Women Who Promote Wellness:

Jess Ball

Your background is primarily in the entertainment industry and PR, did these roles have an influence on where you are today?

Yes, I think so. I started in commercial radio, and have been a music publicist and talent manager. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of our local and international musical, comedy and sporting greats, and from the beginning of my career in that space, I realised that all we ever want as humans is to love and be loved. To feel supported. I see the impact the right support can have on people’s lives, their careers and their art.

My natural role has always been in a supportive capacity, from sitting in a radio studio looking into the eyes of the talent and laughing at their jokes, to managing people through major personal and professional crises. Standing in their corner, and reminding them of who they truly are and what they are becoming.

A wise friend and mentor once told me “the brighter the light, the bigger the shadow”. I knew from early on, that the contribution and difference I could make was in holding the hands of those people in their darkness, so they could shine their light brightly, and be the hero for others who may be struggling. It doesn’t matter whether you are an international musician, a national sports star, or the kid that is watching them from the crowd. We are all human, we all hold fear, and acknowledging that is a powerful experience.

You are also a traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner, how does this differ from or compliment your coaching work?

I believe true happiness and love within ourselves can be felt when we are in alignment. It’s something I call the Alchemy of Spirit- the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. We all have innate inner wisdom, and when we reconnect to that, we are powerful beings.

Our bodies indicate to us when something is out of alignment so as a coach, I work in a somatic way, where I am in tune with the mind-body connection.

We all have innate wisdom, and Reiki is a way we can connect to the wisdom through our bodies. Reiki in combination with coaching allows me to work in a holistic way with my client, which can yield really positive results.

If you could skywrite one message to public, what would it be?

“Be On Your Team”

When we choose to be our own biggest supporter, and learn to love all aspects of ourselves – trusting, backing and being gentle with ourselves, the world becomes a much more colourful place. It is then we can really be creative – the main protagonist in our individual “Choose Your Own Adventure” story!

You are precious and your acknowledgment of that will open many doors for you, I promise.

Photo credit: Deepak Chopra