The Woman Specialising In Relationships And Wellness

Megan Luscombe is a life coach and founder of Starting Today Coaching, specialising in relationships and wellness. She assist her clients in making positive transformations in their relationships and personal lives.

You have studied Sociology and Psychology at a University level, what is the primary difference between this and life coaching?

Psychology studies the human mind on an individual/small group level, whereas sociology studies human behaviour on a larger group/societal level.

Life Coaching is all about using tools and techniques to assist a client/clients in moving from where they are now to where they want to be. It takes into account all aspects of a clients past and present and works with them to achieve their desired outcome, be it in their relationship/career/own life etc.

The Women Who Start Their Own Business: Megan Luscombe

Did all these elements combine and become a catalyst for you to open ‘Starting Today Coaching’?

They most certainly did. I didn’t want to branch out and work as a Psychologist, it wasn’t for me. However I did want to be able to draw from all areas of previous study and offer a service that wasn’t a ‘standard service offering’. Whilst I did study and am certified to practise as a Life Coach, I am not a typical one, nor will I ever be. I’m a straight shooter and completely honest/transparent with my clients. I never talk in what people see as ‘coach jargon’ because I find it insincere and completely generic. No 24 hour transformation speeches here and you’ll never see me spruiking things like ‘take my course and you’ll be a new you in 7 days’ either!

Starting Today Coaching was born from working with people (in all fields of employment) and consistently hearing the same phrases:

“I’m starting my diet today”

“I’m starting my cleanse today”

“I’m going to start writing my book today”

“I’m going to start making more time for my marriage/relationship”

“I’m going to start making more time for my kids”

See where I’m going? Loads of people making ‘starting today’ decisions! Hence my business name is ‘STARTING TODAY COACHING’!

With the assistance of a professional coach, these individuals have someone who assists them in completing their tasks, reaching their goals and also understanding themselves/their relationship better along the way.

What is the best part of your job?

Changing people’s lives. I’ve had the privilege to assist individuals and couples in what were their biggest life challenges and roadblocks. To see people move through their difficulties and overcome their obstacles to be happier and fulfilled is the most rewarding experience. I have worked with clients to have them say I saved their relationships & marriages! It doesn’t get better than that!

In my work I never have the same experience twice and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

I don’t take what I do for granted because I know how lucky I am to do it. I am very appreciate of my clients – Megan Luscombe

If you had to sum up your life in three words, what would they be?

Always getting better!