The Women Who 20 Year Uncareer Start Something

In her 20 year uncareer, Cas McCullough has done it all – corporate marketing and communication executive, freelancer, singer/songwriter, political activist, craftisan, birth doula, mother, Zumba instructor and social entrepreneur. After a near death experience, in 2010 Cas founded her first startup. She now runs a successful content marketing agency, a tech startup, and her online training programs from her home office while solo parenting and home educating her three boys.

What drove or inspired you to start Content Marketing Cardiology?

I had a background in marketing and PR, and when I set up my first business, Mumatopia, people started asking me how I managed to get a steady stream of clients through the door. I sometimes helped people for free, but eventually realised it wasn’t sustainable for me to be giving away my expertise. I had an obsession for creating and systemising marketing content. I also realised that content marketing was going to explode as a speciality and wanted to establish myself before the content marketing boom happened. At that time there was only one dedicated content marketing agency in Australia and there was nobody addressing the small and solo business gap in the market, so I decided to dive in and establish myself as the go-to content marketing specialist for small and solo businesses. I’ve created a training course that I run on an annual basis and also work one-on-one with a variety of clients including non profit organisations, franchises, property developers, authors and tradies.

Your book, “Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, entrepreneurship, and making the leap” is being released soon, which aims to inspire anyone wishing to start their own business. What do you think are the major benefits of an entrepreneurial lifestyle?

I think that being free to forge your own path and leave behind the trappings of organisational politics is a huge benefit to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I love that I can explore different ideas to see if they have traction and just get on with doing my work without having to consult a committee. I also like that my work day has odd hours and I can work around my kids. Overall I think it’s really empowering to start your own business. I’m also on a mission to help other women entrepreneurs build their businesses in sustainable ventures and I love hanging out with other likeminded, passionate people both online and in real life. It’s really inspiring to know that the work you are doing is something you enjoy and would do even if you didn’t get paid to do it.

Your other blog, Mumatopia discusses and unfolds the sensitive topic of postnatal depression. How is it working with women through this difficult time, both online and via the mums’ retreats your facilitate? 

I loved working with women both as a birth doula and a retreat facilitator. I was really satisfying seeing women transform before my eyes. Unfortunately, though, I had to put the Mumatopia blog (and my doula work) on hold at the end of last year because my marriage ended and I suddenly found myself in a whole new world. Something had to give and sadly Mumatopia ended up being the thing that I could let go. I have plans to revive it again one day but for now am just focusing on the Content Marketing Cardiology blog and my new podcast show that is starting when my book launches in December. My new website for the book and show is I also am a co-founder for and that has kept me busy much of 2014.

You have three children and four websites, how on earth do you find time to relax and unwind? 

I am pretty hyper, to be honest. I can survive on about 6 hours sleep but there have been times when I’ve overdone it and my body has screamed at me to stop. I have a team of people working with me including a General VA, and a team of VAs in the Philippines, a graphic designer, a publicist and a copywriter. I think outsourcing is key to running a successful business without running yourself ragged.

I definitely make time to relax and unwind, particularly on my child-free weekends but one thing I don’t do, that’s a huge time saver is watch TV. I don’t even own a TV – Cas McCullough