The Women Who Operated Hair Nail Romance Site With 420,000+ Unique Visitors Per Month

Christina Butcher is one half of Romance Media, a digital publishing company and social media consultancy. Romance Media is divided into three parts – Hair Romance, Nail Romance, and Mr and Mrs Romance, with a combined readership of 200,000 + visitors a month.
Romance Media seems to continue to grow exponentially! Congratulation! What was the inspiration for the site in the beginning?
Thank you! Sometimes it feels slow and other times it feels fast. It’s definitely all about consistency. At the start, my first site was Hair Romance because I wanted to help women to love their hair and try something new. It expanded to nails and now with Mr & Mrs, it’s all about loving life, good food and travel.
One section of your site, Mr and Mrs Romance, looks at life from a woman’s and a man’s perspective. Do you often find that yours and Jim’s perceptions of an event, holiday or restaurant are completely different?
Sometimes, and other times we’re eerily similar. I like when we’re different as I get to see something in a very different way. It makes for a more interesting discussion.
Your Hair Romance site is full of photos, tutorials and inspiration for modern, quirky and cute hairstyles. You do all the styles in your own hair and take all the photos yourself, but you’re not a hairdresser. Where did the passion come from?
I have a passion for making difficult things easier to do. I also like getting ready fast and my hair is hard to do so I worked out lots of shortcuts. Your hair is part of your outfit that you wear every day so why not wear it well? I see your hair as your best accessory.
If you had to describe your lifestyle is one sentence, what would that be?
Always say yes to adventure!