This Visual Artist Has Over 297K Instagram Followers And Over 520K Facebook Likes

Tal Peleg is a visual artist who has used her steady hand and love of all all things art, makeup, photography and design to take social media by storm. Tal has over 297K Instagram followers and over 520,000 likes on facebook. So why do all these people want to see updates from a stranger? Read on to find out more about this talented and kind woman.

As a visual artist in Israel, do you think it is a good thing that social media has made the world a smaller place and allowed for artists to virtually showcase their work worldwide everyday?
Of course it’s a good thing. I think that’s an amazing thing. It’s great how the art community is global, and not just every country to itself. That’s makes it much more interesting, and a great way for an artist to get his art out there and get great exposure. It’s amazing to know that people from all around the world know my art and follows me. I get “fan letters” from people from different countries, even from enemy states, and that’s very exciting.
How and when did you first get interested in and start using Instagram and Facebook to promote your work?
From the very begining. Even before there was Instagram and Facebook I was very active online and used to share my works on forums, blog and different sites (like DeviantArt for exmple). I think the social media is a wonderful and effective way to promote works and I use it as much as I can.
What are the motivations for your art?
As a lover of photography, design, illustration and makeup, the eye art is my way of mixing all of this together to create my own unique style. I also work as a photographer and creating all sort of interesting images is my passion. I was painting and creating as long as I can remember myself so it’s a big part of me, and I always have the need to create and express myself.
On average, how much time would you spend directly on social media each week, not creating content, but scheduling posts, responding to fans and interacting with others on the network?

Way too much! I can’t really tell how much hours, but definitely a lot.

What doors has your popularity on social media opened up for you? Do you think there are opportunities that have found their way to you via socail media that would not have otherwise?
I think that almost everything that I do today is an outcome of my social media activity and sharing. Almost all of the opportunities I get are from people who found out about me from social media, or from articles about me online (which are also an outcome of my social media activity of course). Using the social media as a way to promote your art is so important these days and usually very effective.
Photo credit: Tal Peleg